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How having a baby turned from alarming to amazing: My thoughts in Cosmo & Lean in

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Read the rest at, or in the May issue of Cosmo.

This month, it’s an honor to share my story in Cosmo (!), thanks to the invitation to write a story for Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In. (If you’re visiting from either, welcome!)

Since Viv entered my life, I’ve considered so many new business opportunities and even become more self-aware. But before she was born, the idea of her scared me to death. This is that story.

My friend Erin Loechner wrote recently that “children are awakening a serious creative spark in their parents. … Gone are the days of believing we were in our prime, creatively-speaking, before our kids came along. Now it seems, the best is yet to come.” I’ve found this to be true a hundred times over.

I hope the same is, or will be, true for you!


Last month, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead came out. She has a foundation of the same name, centered on the advancement of women in the workplace. Her site is full of stories of women “leaning in” to what they want. The current issue of Cosmo includes a selection of those stories. My friend JC Ford did loads of work on the project, and it’s thanks to her that I was able to be involved. 


  • soooo exciting!!! very proud of you… for lots of reasons! xo

  • Great perspective! As I get closer and closer to babytown (well at least theoretically) I struggle with a flood of insecurities (Will I turn into a baby food-covered, stressed-out zombie mom? Will my career suffer? Will we have to leave our beloved, expensive city?)

    Thank you for reminding me that parenthood is indeed rich and meaningful, and doesn’t have mean a sacrifice of social life or identity.

  • Camille & I were getting mani/pedis today & stumbled across your photo & story in Cosmo… so crazy! So awesome. :)

  • Just read the article in Cosmo and was surprised to read yours since I have seen you on Storenvy. Bcoming a mom motivates in new and awesome ways!

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