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Every Friday, my favorites from the past week. Boston, my thoughts and prayers are with you. 

Nudie Jeans rag rug

Nudie Jeans post-consumer denim rag rug

  • The best use I’ve ever seen of recycled denim: Scandanavian-inspired rag rugs! By Nudie Jeans in collaboration with their Turkish organic denim supplier Bossa. The limited-edition rugs are available for $599 at the brand’s concept stores, the only U.S. one being in LA. More info at Cool Hunting. Via Ecouterre

Alyson Fox rug, made in Bolivia

organic baby turban

Lindsey Lang floor tiles

Lindsey Lang floor tiles

Lindsey Lang floor tiles

  • My dear friend Lindsey Lang recently launch an amazing textiles and homewares line. These are her cement floor and wall tiles, made in the traditional encaustic process. So stunning, so versatile. Lindsey and I are fellow Kansans — we met in college. She now lives on a house boat in London with her husband.

  • This Decemberists song has been in my head since I heard it covered on — of all places — The Office. It’s kind of a perfect song. The harmonies on The Office version were so good. (Even better than the original. Don’t tell The Decemberists I said so.)

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