Saturday, April 27th, 2013...9:40 am


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Every Friday, my favorites from the past week. 

  • INBOX ZERO! Last Friday I hit Archive on thouuuusands of emails in my nightmare of an Inbox. And over the past week I’ve totally kept up with new stuff. It makes me feel so much more in control. I’ve historically been awful at responding to emails and keeping up with un-immediate relationships in general. This new Inbox thing even makes me feel better at everything. Like I don’t have a looming to-do list of a zillion unread emails, so I can actually initiate new things outside of my Inbox as well. Side note, if you sent me an email prior to the 19th that I haven’t responded to, feel free to ping me again. Natch! Image of Odette’s inspiration board, from an inspiring round-up on Simple Lovely.

PONS Avarca

  • Thanks in part to my new Inbox competency and in part to being a regular blogger again (after my year-plus hiatus), I’ve been connecting recently with some amazing ethical brands. I’ll start sharing new interviews and features from them next week.


  • Let’s see, how do I turn this one into a positive… “Learning to not stress”? Viv has un-learned the ability to fall asleep at night over the past few days. Which has translated to me laying in my bed with her rather than putting in a few more hours of work on my laptop. Which has translated to not being able to post a few posts that I have mentally queued up. But as Jon suggested, “Don’t stress.” An important reminder. The rebellious toddler, putting out her cigarette… behind the lens, I didn’t know what she was picking up until after the fact! 
  • Jon and I are coming up on our 3-year mark as San Franciscans. I realized recently that living here has turned me into an EXPERT parallel parker.


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