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My winning FashionABLE + ONE scarves have arrived

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My sources tell me that less than 500 out of 1500 Genet scarves are still available, and after that, this design will be gone for good!

Following the scarf design contest I won at Alt Summit in January, the scarves went on sale last month, and mine just arrived on Saturday. I haven’t taken it off since. I don’t get anything out of the sales of these scarves — except infinite satisfaction! (And a small 10% kick-back if you buy through a custom link from my site, full disclosure!)

Still on the fence about springing on this $65 scarf? Like all FashionABLE scarves, it’s woven by hand in Ethiopia by women who are able to turn their lives around thanks to the work of Barrett Ward and his company. Genet, who leads the production of this scarf — AND SHARES MY NAME! — had a baby at 15 after being raped and turned to prostitution to provide for her and her daughter. A life I can’t even fathom, but that breaks my heart. Today, she continues to develop valuable trade skills while also working through counseling to overcome the impossible challenges she’s faced.

From these images, you can get a sense of the feel of the scarf. The black threads are quite light and even see-through, and the white threads add weight and warmth. (Just how I’d envisioned it!) Its large size makes it perfect for cozying up around your neck, for men or women… or even using it as a throw, seriously! I’m in love with both sides of the scarf and how they look together.

For more, you can read a Q&A I did for Disney Baby, with my Mother’s Day wish for Genet, and watch a video I made for FashionABLE.


Genet scarf back

Genet scarf front


Top image by Shilpi Tomar. To wear it as a circle scarf, I tied the ends together. 



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