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Happy Father’s Day

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Jon Crawford in to&from

For Father’s Day this year, Jon made an amazing gift list for the spring issue of to&from, the online magazine featuring gift-guides-only. He’s on page 65: “Gifts for the old-school dad.” All picks are from Storenvy! But my favorite part was the long and eloquent description he wrote of what Father’s Day is like for new dads. Here’s an excerpt, and the full text is at

The best thing about Father’s Day is that you almost always get the gift at the top of your list. Because the one thing you truly want — the one thing at the top of your heart’s proverbial Amazon wishlist — is for your little Mini Me to look up at you and simply say the words, “Happy Fawders Bay, Dada!” When you hear these words — those poetically eloquent words — your Father’s Day dreams are fulfilled, your heart fully explodes, and you sink into the couch to start the long road to recovery with only afternoon football to aid you.
This experience made me realize. Father’s Day gifts aren’t about the gifts. They’re a physical object or gesture that reminds the dad in your life of the first time he heard ”Happy Fawders Bay, Dada!” If you can make him feel that feeling again, you’ve given him the best gift in the world.

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