Thursday, June 27th, 2013...3:38 pm

Boxy blouses

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Tilden Top by Upstate

Gravel & Gold


Canopy Top by The Podolls

Ilana Kohn at Beklina

Gravel & Gold Boob Blouse

This silhouette feels so fresh. A bit over-sized, high and wide necklines, sleeves a bit longer than cap-sleeves, no-stretch fabrics. A basic tee (or dress) that’s not that at all. And these textiles!

Top to bottom: Tilden Top by Upstate, made in NY, $188. Gemini top ($85) and dress ($170) by Gravel & Gold, made in SF. Harbour Dress by Ace & Jig via Beklina, made in India, $180. Canopy Top by The Podolls, made in SF, $135. Olive Shirt by Ilana Kohn via Beklina, made in NY, $156. The Boob Top from Gravel & Gold, made in SF, $125.


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