Are you planning to go on a corporate trip or event soon? Are you one of those who is always confused about his/her attire? The professional setting expects you to wear formal attire and also groom yourself to look tidy & presentable. Read on to know more about different dress codes for corporate events and away days: Three primary formal attires are as follows:

  1. Business casual

The most puzzling thought is what can be termed as business casual; trousers, skirts, shirts and what not? For men, dark coloured trousers and a collared shirt is considered business casual, i.e. no t-shirts, chinos or Chinese-collared shirts. While women have many options, like knee-length shirts, dark coloured trousers, dresses with a blouse and collared shirts. There is a thin line between casual, business casual and business attire, so wear what is suitable for the event.

  1. Business attire

A black suit for men and a knee-length skirt or a dress with a blouse for women is considered business attire. Black or dark brown shoes for men and closed toe shoes for women are the preferred footwear.

  1. Black tie

Certain events expect men to wear a suit along with a black tie and women to wear knee-length dresses with formal footwear. It is usually mentioned in the invitation if the event dress code is black tie or not. Attire suggestions as per the occasion: Note: Always check the invitation to know what is expected from you, i.e. business casual, business attire and black tie.

  • Corporate away days include team building activities and sometimes, an evening party to celebrate and lighten up the competitive mood. So, you have multiple attire options for such events, i.e. during the day, you can wear business casual or simply a casual attire (t-shirt & jeans for men and top & shirt for women) to be comfortable while competing in different activities & games. Moreover, for the evening party, you can either go for subtle business casual or business attire, if the invitation does not mention “black tie”.
  • Corporate events are of various types, such as:
    1. Conferences
    2. Seminars
    3. Product launch events
    4. Board meetings
    5. Dinner parties
    6. Team building events

And many more.   The dress code varies as per the type of event, so always check the invitation first (already mentioned above). The second step is to discuss with your colleagues to avoid any confusion. The following can help you make better decisions:

  1. Prefer ‘black tie’ dress code for dinner parties
  2. Prefer ‘business casual’ dress code for seminars, conferences and team building events
  3. Prefer ‘business attire’ dress code for product launch events and board meetings.

The idea is to look presentable and formal; maintaining the image of the organisation.   Some Other Tips To Ensure Maximum Impact   The following add-ons will help you present yourself in the best possible manner:

  1. Make sure you have a decent haircut, and your beard is trimmed appropriately.
  2. Women should always keep their hair tied neatly (except for dinner parties because they can flaunt their hairstyle at such events).
  3. Keep your shoes polished, and attires ironed to look neat and tidy.
  4. Avoid casual accessories like sporty wristbands or rings; instead, prefer a decent watch.
  5. Make sure you use a strong cologne because some of the above-mentioned events might make you sweaty.

The way you look and present yourself says a lot about your organisation, so always keep this in mind before getting ready for a corporate event or away day. Look formal! Look charming! Look your best!]]>


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