While watches might not serve the utility they once did, that hasn’t stopped them from remaining a popular accessory for men and women alike. A watch can be the perfect addition to an outfit, updating your look and keeping your vibe fresh.

If you haven’t gone watch shopping before, you might find the experience to be a bit overwhelming at first. There are a number of watch shopping mistakes you’ll want to avoid on your first outing as a new buyer.

What mistakes are worth stepping around and what strategies might you employ to find the perfect item? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

1. Forgetting to Set a Budget

Want to cut down the number of watches you’ll need to look through by a huge margin? Go ahead and set a budget off the bat. How much do you have to spend on a watch and how much wiggle room do you want to allow yourself? 

Thinking of your own wallet ahead of time can prevent you from getting into trouble later and it can make your entire shopping process much smoother. There is a watch for nearly every budget level, from $20 cheapos to $100,000 watches for the elite shopper.

You’ll always be able to adjust should you find the perfect watch while shopping, but it’s a good practice to have an idea ahead of time of how much you want to spend.

Failing to have a budget in place could send you spiraling down a list of endless options and feeling the financial pressure once things might be too late.

2. Failing to Research Watch Materials

How do you know if you’re getting a good deal on a watch if you don’t know where the prices are coming from? Taking a few minutes to get familiar with the types of watches can make a major difference in your shopping experience.

Watches that require a battery, for example, are typically much less expensive than those that are purely manual. That’s a good thing to understand off the bat.

The material the watch is made from will play a big role in the cost. Stainless steel watches are often cheaper to buy than those made of more noble metals, like carbon fiber. A titanium watch will be more expensive because the metal itself is worth more.

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3. Not Understanding Return Policies

No matter how much research you think you might be putting into your watch purchase, it doesn’t mean you’ll avoid making a mistake. The real mistake will be to purchase a watch without understanding the return policy.

If you aren’t able to return a watch that ends up not being a good fit for you, your personality, or your wardrobe, you might be stuck footing the bill for something you’ll never use.

Watch Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re looking into buying watches online, you’ll want to get familiar with the shopping process before you get started. Avoiding some of the above watch shopping mistakes can make sure that you enjoy a smooth experience.

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