70% of women in the United States are plus-size. As such, it theoretically shouldn’t be too difficult to find great-fitting pieces at an affordable price.

Unfortunately, plus-size women are routinely ignored by the fashion industry and often find it difficult to find affordable and flattering clothing.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of our top plus-size fashion tips to ensure that you look good and feel good at any size.

Read on for more information on how to look, and feel great in your clothes.

1. Measure Yourself and Know Your Size

Knowing your size can be difficult because often, women’s sizes are not uniform. You may be a bigger or smaller size in different stores, depending on how the stores size their clothing. That’s why taking measurements and knowing your measurements is so important.

You can use your measurements to see how clothing brands size their clothing and find your size. It is essential that you have clothing that fits you, as clothes that are either too small or too large can look unflattering.

Instead, you’ll want clothes that fit you like a glove, no matter what weight you are.

2. Don’t Shop for Your “Dream Size”

Don’t buy a pair of jeans three sizes too small because they’re on sale and you hope one day you’ll fit in them. This is just a waste of time, money, and resources. Instead, buy clothing that fits your body now. That way, you get plenty of wear out of the clothes, and you’re not looking at a wardrobe full of garments that might someday fit you.

3. Avoid Baggy Clothes

If you’re ashamed of your body, it can be easy to try and hide under baggy clothes. Don’t do that. It only makes you look bigger and is hardly ever flattering for anyone. Instead, purchase clothes that fit your body appropriately. This helps you look slimmer as well as more put together. No one looks good in clothing that is too baggy, so dress accordingly.

Plus size dresses are a great way to show off your body and look confident and put together.

4. Get Your Clothes Tailored

Get your clothes tailored if they’re too big or too small. Often, ready-to-wear clothes aren’t exactly made for your dimensions. Having your clothes tailored will ensure that your garments fit you like a glove and helps elevate your look. Clothes are made for the “average” person, and hardly anyone fits that mold perfectly. As such, getting your clothes tailored is a great way to ensure your clothes look classy and elegant.

Plus-Size Fashion Tips

We’ve only struck the tip of the iceberg when it comes to plus-size fashion tips, and there is still plenty more to cover. However, the aforementioned tips should be added to your fashion arsenal to make sure your next outfit looks gorgeous on you.

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