People around the world are indulging in something called ethical fashion! Also known as sustainable fashion! You can be fashionable; yet contribute towards the betterment of Mother Earth – what could be a more responsible thing to do? Look up stores that offer fair trade products, because some also have ethical fashion products. Just browse through their collection of ethical fashion, and you be the judge! If you are not used to this terminology, or this kind of fashion statement, you shall be wowed by the fact that the latest from the fashion industry make their way to the shelves of such stores. Still need reasons to switch to ethical fashion? Read on!

Why Consider Switching to Ethical Fashion?

Many people may find ethical fashion stylish, but do not feel the urge to run for it! They may feel loyalty for the brands they have worn for years, or just feel apprehensive about switching to something unaccustomed. So, we are here to enlighten the fashionista in you, why you need to switch! Some of the stores that offer ethical fashionable garments also have beautiful collections of home décor products and other gift items that are also made following the similar ethical-friendly principles. But, getting back to ethical fashion, here are a few reasons why you can switch:

1. Good for The Skin: Now everyone knows the perks of organic products! So, it is not new for you when we tell you that organic fibre is good for your skin as well. The clothes are comfortable and produced without using any allergenic, carcinogenic or toxic chemicals. Have you worn some clothes and itched a lot? Well, it could be  because of the chemicals. The clothes of ethical fashion have no such problem. The clothes are usually hand-woven, which leads to wider weaves. This makes the clothes breathable, which makes you stay cool during the summers and warm in winters. Oh, not to forget the fact that such fabrics reduce your chances of feeling sweaty.
2. Better Working Conditions for Makers: You not only get beautiful clothes that are comfortable, but you are making life better for the workers as well. This is because such garments offer fair wages, working conditions and certain rights for the workers at the factories. Some companies can go on to offer more information on where the garments are being manufactured. So, you get lovely clothes, and also the wonderful feeling that you are (in your own way) promoting and contributing for the betterment of working and living conditions of many people.
3. Look Unique in a Crowd: Ethical fashion has nothing to do with mass production of clothes. We are not saying that you get designer clothes that are completely unique. What we are saying is that wearing garments of ethical fashion reduces the chance of running into someone else wearing the exact same thing. Something handmade can never have an exact copy! You set a unique fashion statement for yourself. This is what everyone wants to achieve, right?
4. Environmental Perks: The fashion industry is known to add to various kinds of environmental damage. From gathering the raw materials to the actual manufacturing process, it can cause environmental and health risks. When you invest in sustainable fashion, you improve your chances of looking after the environment. The harmful chemicals and dyes are removed from the scenario. The manufacturing process is decided only after the manufacturer factors in the following:

  • Environmental impact
  • Impact on the workers
  • Potential impact on the customers

What else do you need? You get to feel smug and virtuous! You are making the world a better place by investing in ethical fashion. No toxic waste or chemicals to harm anyone or anything; and on top of that, you get to look beautiful! Do not forget the fact that you get some amazing products in the process as well. Uniqueness is the mantra of every fashionista in the world. Create your own with top of the line fashion and follow the green revolution even in the sartorial world!


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