It’s your wedding day, you should be smiling!! And there you are feeling all nervous and just under confident like a poor kitten, smiling wryly! But this actually shouldn’t be the case, you know that! Your wedding day marks one of the happiest days of your life, and you are going to be the centre of attraction of hundreds of guests coming to wish you luck today! It’s your day, and you have to look and feel spectacular! 

But most of the times, a bride is pretty much uncomfortable and nervous during the entire wedding! Why? Because of some very important things that were either neglected or were blundered from your side. And as a result, you are a bag of nerves close to fainting on your own wedding day. Why to risk your much needed confidence on the big day by overlooking important matters? Why not plan a little early and better avoid all these clumsy mistakes and feelings on your big day? 

Prominent must check things to make you feel at ease and super confident on your wedding!

A bride’s beauty isn’t just limited to stunning clothes or high heels; there has so much more to it. You need to be confident enough to slay the attire you are wearing perfectly and throw a million dollar smile on your guests making them love you a bride on that day. But if you yourself aren’t comfortable or feeling confident enough, how can you even pose for the same? That is why we have listed the most crucial things that you shouldn’t avoid before and on your wedding day in order to look and feel your best!

  • Most lovely and suitable makeup and hair — Your makeup and hair play a crucial role in building your confidence on your grand day. If you yourself don’t like your hairdo or your look, you are bound to keep brooding about what others would be thinking about you — and this drains away all your confidence! That is why you should appoint a good Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist in Auckland like Clarette FX, an exceptional and creative makeup artist, at least a month prior to your wedding date. Also, don’t hesitate to take trials. Try it once, twice, even thrice if you aren’t satisfied with your final look. Click some pictures of the look to get a better idea. Don’t keep in a bag of surprises for you on your big day by not taking a trial beforehand. Instead be ready to expect the same hairstyle and make up that you tried and liked weeks back.
  • Don’t experiment at all for the wedding — If you are thinking of going for a makeover, cutting your hair the craziest way or even trying out a new skin spa treatment, may become risky — let it all wait until the wedding is over! Don’t even try taking any new prescriptions for proteins or health during your wedding time. You may never know when these experiments may refuse to suit you and you’ll be feeling dizzy and cranky on your wedding day. Even new spa treatment can repel and bring a huge pimple on the bridal face! So better leave the new trials and tricks held back until your honeymoon!
  • Comfy undergarments— Which bride feels comfortable in too baggy or tight undergarments? And there would certainly be a scene if the bride keeps tugging her underwear in front of so many spectators (who have their eyes set on her at all times)! Imagine even this picture being clicked by the photographers? This would be a disaster for you on your big day! Like we said, always try your things before the wedding. Especially, undergarments! You can choose the ones that make you look and feel confident and extremely comfortable even with the heavy-weight wedding gown on, or even the veil (in case you opt for it!).
  • Stay hydrated — The chaos during the day or the week of the wedding is understandable. But avoiding your daily dose of water amidst the chaos is something not acceptable! Dehydration would only add discomfort. You need to be charming and jovial to meet the guests on your special day, right? So, keep sipping water constantly. If possible, go for juices – fresh ones of course — and keep your glucose level maintained. And never try to sip more champagne too, rather opt for juices again! A clear head is very important for you in your own reception. 

Apart from all these essential aspects that shouldn’t be avoided, be sure to pick your accessories with care too. If you wear a 6-inch heel for the first time, you are bound to feel nervous. The same goes with wearing too many accessories. Also, if you are trying a new perfume, ensure that it suits you. If all of these are carefully followed, we are sure you’d be the best and most confident person in your wedding venue!

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