Australian jewellery brands from where we can easily buy earrings online in Australia, without having to go elsewhere. You may have a whole lot of boxes filled with earrings of different sizes and shapes,but for a beginner in this field, there are a few basic ones which have to be present in the collection mandatorily. Let us check out five such type of earrings that each woman must possess.

Types of Earrings

Diamond earrings- I know the beginning of the list is definitely expensive, but no one can resist diamonds. They say diamonds are a woman’s best friend, so why not have earrings studded with shiny diamonds. You can have studs, drops, danglers or even solitaire type earrings with diamonds in them according to your choice and likes and of course, budget. Diamonds will always steal the show, no matter what.

Pearl earrings- there are a very few jewellery items as elegant as pearl earrings. Nothing can beat the timelessness and charm of pearls. Having pearl earrings in your collection will bring the same charm in it. You may again choose to have pearl studs or drops or any other style of your choice. Pearl earrings can complement any look. You can wear them with a cool pair of jeans and tee, or a formal office wear or maybe with your gorgeous wine red gown that is only meant for parties. Pearls will never disappoint your fashion game, we bet.

Silver earrings- silver was, is and will always be amongst the favourite choices for any sort of accessory. Silver necklaces, silver rings or silver earrings, whatever it may be, you are going to get a fantastic match by choosing any of them with your lovely dress. Silver earrings, in any form, are meant to steal the limelight and give an added charm to your attire. Silver studs and drops can complement any casual outfit and make it look trendy and similarly, those big, designer silver earrings will leave everyone drooling over you when you will pair them with a matching gown.

Gold earrings- well, whatever you may say, gold jewellery still aces the fashion market. Rose gold, yellow gold or white gold, whichever suits you the best, you can choose your earrings or any other ornament to be of that material. Since decades, gold earrings have been the first choice for women and have become a part of daily wear. A simple, elegant gold earring can be worn with almost everything and anything and for any occasion and at any place. Such is the versatility of gold jewellery!

Junk jewellery- as the name suggests, these pair of earrings are not crafted out of expensive metals or stones and are extremely cheap.but that doesn’t mean they are any less fashionable. In Fact, it is the junk jewellery that you can buy everytime you step out in the market, and get multitude designs. This is the kind that will make your everyday wear collection.]]>


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