Celebrity obsession is real and since times immemorial! And the inspiration that we get from them is immense! We always aspire to imitate and emulate everything they do. Be it copying their dress or preferring the brands they used, to follow up each step of their wedding party arrangements, we want it all the very same way in our own lives – we love to act like them and even live like them.

Even when you are planning your wedding, you always tend to pick up the date that your favourite celebrity chose for his/her marriage, or the gown that the very famous actress wore — and the list is endless. But even when you are not exactly imitating them on all aspects, and you want to make your own mark on your special day, you can still have a ‘big fat wedding’ that is as starry glitzy and glamorous as a celebrity wedding.

How your wedding could look like a celebrity wedding:

Having a wedding just like a celebrity isn’t impossible! Just have all the arrangements done lavishly (and by this we don’t mean extravagantly!) and add some creative and exciting aspects. Just with a little twist and turn, your wedding events and you would be getting a wedding worth talking about! Intrigued how? Read on!

Choose a royal venue — There are innumerable places that would be perfect for hosting a lavish wedding. You can hire a heritage site or a church with intricate architecture or a grand hotel that would look really regal and royal for the wedding function. A great venue selection would automatically do half the job of adding a wow factor to your big day. Decorating it would be easy, since it self has its own charm. Just a touch of light here, a knot of ribbon there, and some flowers – and your venue shall be all jazzed up.

Choose a royal look — After a special attention to the venue, comes glamorising the couple. You can’t get a wedding like a celebrity if you aren’t giving much thought to your dresses, hairdos, makeup etc. You would be the centre of attraction in the entire function — and if you are planning a wedding like a movie star, make sure you look like one. You can have your dresses designed by a known designer who has previously designed attires for them, or you can appoint someone who can create dresses just like them for you. Have a photo reference of the hairdos and makeup of your preferred star – and your makeup artist and hairstylist can create the same look for you using that reference.

Entertainment — Entertainment in a wedding is really important. Have you ever seen a person quoting a celebrity wedding as a dull one? Of course, no! Because it’s full of excitement, entertainment and fun. You can add various entertaining factors to your marriage function like dance floor, DJ or simply go for a Photo Booth Hire in Melbourne by Party Hire Productions offer some excellent services to glamorise your parties and add a healthy dose of entertainment to them. These include services like photo booths, DJ, etc.which can keep your guests hooked to the fun factor till the end, and thus create an exciting ambience in the party.

Royal entry — The best way to create a special effect on the minds of your guests is like adding special effects to your entry — just like the celebrities do! Depending on your choice and budget, the options can be many. From an elegant red carpet across the marble floor to making an entrance in a chopper – you can opt for anything. How about choosing the primitive way of entering in a carriage? There can be various such creative and exciting ideas that’ll make people forget the reel couples and drool over the real ones!

Special performance by the bridal couple When you get a chance to be the centre of attraction of your guests, you are allowed to feel like a celebrity too! To add a touch of reality to it, you can perform a special ball dance or a quirky tango with your partner and have the guests go gaga in joy. You can also ask them to join in the fun and have an excellent time dancing to the tunes. I’m sure this is something that would make your wedding party better than even the celebrity ones.

 Lavish food — Do you know the two things people always praise when they come out of any wedding? It’s the special glow of happiness on the blessed couple, and the amazing taste of the food (not to forget the champagne!) served there! It may seem a hyperbole, but most of the guests in a wedding are enthusiastic about the food and beverages! They love spending time devouring the dishes with their eyes and later by tasting them. If your food spread is lavish and scrumptious, I’m sure your wedding shall be as memorable as a celebrity wedding is!

Your dream of hosting a wedding like a celebrity can turn out to be true! And not necessarily burn a huge hole in your pocket. Just plan wisely, and make the day seem to be like a dream!


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