An engagement is a formal declaration of your marriage – a promise to take your relationship to the next level! It’s an auspicious ceremony marking the beginning of your official and formal relationship together. The period of engagement gives you the chance to know each other better and spend some amazing time in unison until you tie the knot. This milestone needs some cheering up and celebration!

There are some couples who prefer getting engaged in private. While there are also some who love the world to know that they are ready for a commitment. If you are the ones who would love to flaunt your new relationship status, then of course you would be looking for some unique ideas to celebrate the same. But what if your budget is low; will you be able to have the same kind of celebration announcing your engagement? Fat chance, but not impossible!

Some Pocket-friendly ideas for a remarkable engagement party!

 Whether you are saving up for a gala wedding event or you just don’t want to spend much for an engagement party, there is no reason for you to get disheartened. If you want to plan an engagement party that’s not hard on your bank account, read on!

  1. Banquet hall — For a small party, you can go for a venue hire in Auckland that’s cheap like Tom Tom bar and eatery. They provide a tantalising venue for your occasion that can fit in your predetermined number of guests, and also serve ravishing food. You can put on light music and dance on slow tunes with your partner and enjoy the occasion with a special splendour!
  2. Home ceremony— If you don’t want to pay much, why not organise a small bash at your own place?! Some fresh flowers for décor, homemade nibbles, some drinks to toast your happiness with, a little bit of music, or perhaps karaoke — and your engagement ceremony would be special and memorable.
  3. Pool party — If you have a pool at home, or at a friend’s place who wouldn’t mind to open up her/his house to your guests, then a pool party would be another marvellous way to celebrate your engagement without burning a hole in your pocket. If you can organise and plan the same during the rains, it would be more astounding. Some finger foods and drinks would complete the show. Remember to ask your guests to carry their swimming costumes and towels.
  4. Church ceremony— Though a church ceremony is mostly organised for the marriage, but if you want to announce the alliance after a Sunday mass, it can be awesome too. You can call some of your friends or just enjoy the same with the regular crowd at the church. The ceremony would be blessed and a happy one for sure.
  5. Share an occasion— If you know that one of your friends is hosting a party for some occasion, better partner with them and host yours too (Especially if you have mutual friends or relatives). That way you can share the expenses, and save.  But this works best only when you have a lot of mutual friends.
  6. Porch party — If you don’t want to go to places and increase the expenditure, you can just create a good celebratory ambience at your garden or porch. You can adorn your gardens and porches with flowers and fairy lights, and serve some homemade nibbles and pop open some bubbles to announce the commencement of your committed status.
  7. At a disco — You can have a weekend night out with buddies at a disco and announce your engagement there. This wouldn’t cost you much, as your friends would already be present there. Yes, as a part of celebration you can take a limited number of drinks on your tab and exchange the rings in front of everyone.
  8. Take advantage of discounts and offers — There will be lots of restaurants and other events and venues offering discounts on large group parties. You can check for the same and book one for your engagement announcement. With the help of these offers, you can easily host a party within your budget.
  9. Office party — If you and your partner both share the same workspace, you definitely would be having common acquaintances colleagues as well. You can celebrate your engagement amidst them too. Just ordering in a cake and some munchies, along with some soda would complete the party arrangements.

There’s never a mandate that a celebration needs lots of investment to make it awesome! The above points prove the same. What actually matters is whether you have put your heart to the event! If you are warm and welcoming, your guests would feel happy just anywhere!  



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