Did you finally say yes and now have a wedding to plan?

You have to get the right venue, hire the right entertainer, and make sure you have the budget to feed every guest arriving. It’s a lot to handle and it’s easy to get lost with all the details.

It can be a daunting ordeal but we’ve got you covered. We’ve got 9 effective but simple-to-follow wedding planning tips to help you out. Read on below to learn more:

1. Start Early

The key to planning a wedding is to start as early as you can. If you can work things out a year ahead, do so. At the very least make sure to solidify your wedding within three months.

2. Don’t Invite Everyone

If you think inviting your friend from high school could ruin the wedding, don’t invite them! You don’t have to satisfy everyone. It’s your special day so only invite people who matter to you.

3. Be Strict With the RSVP

Always make sure the invitations come with an RSVP.

Stick to it. If a guest didn’t reply or they said they can’t come, cut them out of the budget and stick to your guns. This prevents guests from suddenly forcing you to alter your plans or budget.

4. Have a Plan B

Are you looking at weddings by the sea or a garden wedding? Both are outdoor plans so make sure you have a Plan B. Have something ready in case it rains.

5. Stick To Your Budget

There is a rising interest in couples paying for their own wedding. The days of sponsors and parents paying for the wedding continue to slip away.

Regardless of who pays, however, you need to stick to your budget. Weddings cost a lot so cut down on unnecessary expenses by adhering to your financial limits.

6. Prioritize the Menu

Remember that people often go to weddings for three reasons: for the couple, for the pictures, and the food. You’ll want to dedicate a good portion of your budget to the menu.

There are different menu options for different types of weddings. Don’t stick with the traditional wedding menu if you don’t want to.

7. Hire the Best Photographer

As mentioned, another aspect people go to weddings for are the pictures. These immortalize the best memories of the event. To make sure you have the best wedding celebration, dedicate another big portion of your budget to a good photographer.

8. Have a Checklist

Planning a wedding isn’t easy so make sure you have a checklist. This will help guarantee you don’t forget any important detail. List down every venue, item, reservation, persons of interest, and phone number.

9. Don’t Do It Alone

Don’t stress if you don’t know how to plan a wedding. You can always hire a wedding planner to do it for you. If that’s out of your budget, you can ask for help from friends, the groom, or relatives.

Yes, it’s your wedding and you get the final say on everything. However, let other people take off some of the burdens for you.

Follow These Crucial Wedding Planning Tips Now

Planning your wedding is going to be a daunting task. However, you can ease the process by following these simple but effective wedding planning tips. Don’t do it alone, have your checklist, know where to allocate your budget, and have a Plan B.

But planning the wedding is only the start.

If you want to learn how to pick the right entertainment for the wedding or the right venue, we suggest reading our other guides today. Pick up all the tips you need to guarantee your special day goes by without a hitch!

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