Earlier this year I bought the best-fitting pair of jeans I’ve ever owned: 

“The Legging” by AG Jeans. They are a perfect summer-weight denim with a sheen and a hint of stretch (though not the super-stretchy denim that the term “jegging” might conjure up). All stitching is dark, the same color as the denim. One night wearing these jeans I was asked where I work out — by a girl — and I don’t! The ultimate compliment. They just fit great. AG Jeans manufactures in LA and Mexico (mine were made in LA!), using a relatively new Ozone Technology that saves water, energy and the use of chemicals. (I don’t know what company AG is using for this, but GreenTech appears to offer the kind of technology and support needed, for further reference.)

I bought my pair of AGs at By George in Austin while on the hunt for a pair of ankle-length jeans, though these are full-length. Without a trusted tailor now that I’m in SF, I haven’t had them hemmed yet, and now I’m debating whether to at all. I’ve been liking the kind of “accessory” that rolling or cuffing them gives. What do you think? When shopping for jeans this time around, my priorities were: 1) Do they fit perfectly? 2) Can I buy them from a locally owned business? 3) Does the company respect people and the environment? Awesomely, I got every single one. Thanks, AG Jeans.

In My Outfit, Above:

Shirt by Wrangler, vintage
Suede-scrap necklace by Manimal
Denim by AG Jeans
Fringe sandals by Express (!), purchased at Austin’s Buffalo Exchange


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