Hello! This is Katie, stylist of FLP Getups, finally putting pen to paper (so to speak) to introduce myself here. My goal is to bring you the eco-friendly fashion you’ve been searching for. Not only will the outfits I style show you some of the best in socially responsible brands and vintage sources, they’ll give you inspiration for styling your own closets in new ways. I love uniqueness, so I’ll help you stand out from the crowd… let’s all express our individuality and support sustainability! I recently graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and a professional degree in Merchandise Marketing. I have styled for independent fashion shows and rejuvenated some of the most “stressed out” wardrobes for clients of all ages, both men and women. I focus on the essentials and can help in the most budget friendly of ways.

I believe that everyone already owns an independent style — that fashion trends are just tempting us to change who we are. Uncover your flair once and for all, and rediscover your true identity! When you look good, your self-confidence will reflect it. I do my wardrobe styling and have a stationery line through Chanari Designs (pronounced “canary”), a company I started earlier this year. Chanari is all about connections — connecting through clothes, through ink and through expression.

Connecting through clothes

Staying stylish while advocating sustainability has always been a passion of mine. I am always on the lookout for unique pieces that will complement the clothes you already own and love. Creativity is what drives me. I believe fashion should be fun, not a fear. My passion in the well-being of our environment has made my love for eco-fashionable style really come alive. It is possible to bring fabulous style into your everyday wardrobe without breaking the bank! I want to bring the simplicity of shopping to your life. It’s about creating long-lasting fabulous style, not disposable outfits that will end up in the landfill the next season.

Connecting though ink

The hand-written note is a simple yet glamorous way of expressing your identity and emotions. Your clothes let you show many moods; paper lets you do the same thing. Chanari Designs brings your style to paper. By using environmentally friendly and recycled materials, you will send your love with confidence.


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