There are a few eras as elegant as the Glamorous Gilded Age, Late Baroque or the Roaring Twenties with its shiny style of decoration – celebrities and fashion designers know it, and they return to them whenever they want to create something shimmery. What do they all have in common? Gold.

Precious. Luxurious. Expensive. Elegant. These are a few adjectives used to describe gold and for a good reason. People love gold.

If gold flakes on food are not quite enough for you, in this post, we will show you how to make gold leaf makeup. You’ll be able to create a stunning look just like the designers do.

About Gold Leaf

Craft shops and local art stores selling sparkling sheets of gold leaf have been used for art throughout history. They are made by hammering real gold into thin, malleable sheets. These sheets are used to gild surfaces, from letters in ancient manuscripts to wedding cakes to fancy furniture.

Choose a Look

Once you have enough knowledge about gold leaf sheets, you can buy them online or in stores. The next step after picking sheets is designing the look. Gold leaf application creates a bold fashion statement. It can be applied anywhere, in any shape you desire. You can gild your eyelids or use it on your lips for a fancy night look.

If you want the gold on your face to be highlighted, keep the rest of the makeup light and subtle. Go for a soft pink or peach blush that gives you a natural look.

Gold Leaf Makeup Ideas

The application of gold leaf is easy, but it requires delicate care as the sheets can tear due to too much pressure. Follow us through the steps:

  • Clean your hands before starting the process.
  • If you are using imitation gold, test it for allergies. Use a small patch on your skin and wait for some time to see if there’s any reaction. If there isn’t, you are good to go.
  • Buy a gilding kit and use the scissors to cut a sheet of gold leaf sheet into your chosen shape. Hold it against your skin and modify the sheet the way you want.
  • Once you get the desired shape, polish the sheet with a soft, paintbrush. Combine all these ways to look even more shimmery. However, don’t fill yourself up in gold if you aren’t going to a fancy dress!

How To Make Gold Leaf Makeup

Let’s get creative here.

  • On skin – The simplest way to wear gold leaf on your face is to apply it on your eyelids instead of eyeshadow. If you do that, create a full dramatic look by applying mascara and filling the brows.
    You can also use gold leaf makeup to create a smokey eye look by combining it with a dark shade of eyeshadow. To illuminate your look, do a winged liner or line your upper and lower lash lines with a gel liner.
    You can also cut the sheet into very small pieces and turn it into gold specks. Fix them with makeup adhesive or natural oils.
    How about eye jewels?
  • On lips – Sounds crazy, but is very fancy. You can wear an edible gold leaf on your lips by using a lip gloss or Vaseline.
  • On hair and nails – You can apply the Gold leaf makeup anywhere you want – sprinkle flecks on your updo, loose hair and gild your hair accessories. Use a hairspray to set it.

You can also use gold leaf to decorate your nails by combining it with your favorite nail paint or by wearing it alone.

Other Ways To Use Gold Leaf

If you want to try other methods to get the gilded look, we have got something for you.

  • Gold pigment – Take a pinch of gold powder and mix it with your makeup primer.
  • Gold Glitter – Yes, all that glitters IS gold. Set it with glitter glue.
  • Gold Liner – Use the tip of your liner to draw that wing.

Combine all these ways to look even more shimmery. However, don’t fill yourself up in gold if you aren’t going to a fancy dress!


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