If you have ever gone shopping for a pair of sunglasses, you’re sure to have come across sunglasses with polarised lenses. Usually complete with UV protection and glare minimisation, these sunglasses sure seem like everything one wants in a pair. But don’t let their expensive price and the list of features fool you! While they’re perfect for a long time outdoors, they are specialised for a particular setting and cannot be worn everywhere you go. 

So, if you’re thinking of buying a pair of polarised lenses or you have been mesmerized by that ideal pair of polarised sunglasses your optician showed you, this blog is sure to help you make a quick decision!

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of what polarised lenses are and if they are for you, I’d like to give you a gentle reminder. That a pair of expensive polarised sunglasses from designer fashion labels are not automatically worth it! Instead, you should look closely through the sunglasses’ features and specifications before you buy any pair, even if you’re buying it to show off to your peers.

Now that we’re past that, let’s get down to the real question! The question that would have been the first one to come to your mind when you saw an expensive pair of polarised sunglasses online. And of course, it is– are they worth it?

What Are Polarised Glasses?

And to answer that question and arrive at a decision for yourself, you should know what they do and how they protect your eyes. polarised lenses are very much like window blinds, in the sense that they filter out any polarised light before it reaches your eyes. polarised light is the scattered light that is produced when horizontal light from the sun is scattered in all directions after reflecting from shiny surfaces such as that of water or metal. And this polarised light is responsible for the unclear vision and eye strain. 

And one more thing: they are not the same as UV glasses. While most polarised glasses also offer UV protection, polarised lenses are different and work differently from UV protection glasses.

Over-the-counter polarised sunglasses usually have a chemical coating on the outside of the lens, that protects the wearer from all kinds of glare. Other polarised lenses have this chemical protection layer laminated in between the lens layers, making these sunglasses a better pick.

Should I Get Them for Myself?

This depends a lot on where you live and what work you do. If you live in the sunnier places of the country, polarised sunglasses are worthy of purchase because the glare from the sunlight can damage your eyes adversely. You also need prescription glasses if your profession requires you to stay in the sun for long hours. 

Buying polarised sunglasses is a great option if you are very light sensitive. If you’re unsure of whether they will help you, you should ask your optometrist. But, we’ll suggest you not to buy polarised sunglasses if you want them just because one of your peers got it.

Why Should You Not Get Polarised Lenses?

The answer is pretty straightforward because you can’t see your screen. Your laptop, mobile and tablet screens use Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and these are not visible when you have polarised sunglasses on. So, if you’re not out in the sun for long, you can skip out on the offer or maybe buy an over-the-counter pair. 

Also, if you’re buying polarised sunglasses, you will need to keep a pair of your prescription glasses handy. So, it’s sad but you will have to say no to polarised sunglasses if you’re not comfortable carrying multiple pairs of glasses everywhere you go.

Whatever It is!

Functionality, style and affordability. That’s what we look for in anything we buy these days. And that’s what you should look for all of them too! And if your search for great frames and equality high-quality polarised lenses at affordable prices has been futile until now, we’d recommend you to look at the Specscart collection. If you want to buy prescription sunglasses online, Specscart is the best place to visit. Head there for a quick shop now!

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