Nothing beats the feeling of buying new shoes! Some of us struggle to find the right colour, size, fit and pair. Shoe shopping is stressful, yet it can be delightful. What if you like the design, but not the colour? Or you like everything about the shoe, but they can’t find you a size that fits!!! Shoe shopping is an emotional affair, friends! When you find the right pair, there’s nothing more satisfying than taking your new babies home. You take them out the next day for work, and then you feel an uncomfortable dragging of skin on your feet – Ouch!! Your shoe just bit you!

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Effective ways to prevent shoe bites:

In Perth, women’s shoe stores stock the latest designs, with the added benefit of purchasing them in store and online. Buying shoes online does lead to the risk of shoe bites. Some shoe bites, if left untreated, turn into hardened corns, making it very painful to continue using the same pair. Don’t fret, here are some tips and tricks to stop a blister from forming:

o   Ice: This is the simplest way. We all have ice cubes in our refrigerators. Just pop out a couple of ice cubes in a napkin, and gently apply it on the raw area. This helps to numb the pain and burning sensation. It will also reduce the redness and inflammation from the bite.

o   Aloe Vera: This is the king of all-healing plants with a wide variety of applications. Do you have an Aloe-Vera plant in your garden? If you don’t have a garden, it’s very easy to grow indoors too. Just scoop out some fresh gel, and apply it to the wound. Its soothing properties are terrific. The blister should be gone in no time. Don’t have a plant? 100% pure, aloe gel is easily found in drug stores, supermarkets and pharmacies. Opt for the organic kind which has no additives, colouring agents or preservatives in it.

o   Cushioning: Create a natural barrier between the skin on your feet and the offending shoe. Use thick socks, the kind your grandmother would have knit for you, to create a physical barrier which would ensure no blister formation. Alternatively, you can use a band-aid, just around the area where the shoe creates friction on your skin.

o   Honey: The application of this amazing emollient dates back to older civilizations. It is known for its therapeutic and healing qualities. Many hospitals use it in their surgical departments, for dressing wounds, burns and other skin ailments. Manuka honey is one of the best types of honey available for this purpose. It is a great skin and hair conditioner. It has soothing properties.  

o   Shoe inserts: There are several brands that make leather insoles to line your new shoes.

o   Oil: Apply coconut, castor, sesame, jojoba or olive oil to the inside lining of your shoes, where it tends to bite.

o   Stick underarm deodorant: Applying the deodorant builds a waxy texture on the back of the feet, creating a physical barrier. This keeps those friction points from rubbing together and creating a raw wound.

These are some easy tips we can apply till we break into those new shoes, right? So, don’t stress on those bites. Now you know how to give your brand-new footwear a second chance. Go ahead and flaunt them.


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