Baby’s coming home outfit

Preparing for your Baby’s arrival is a daunting task. Packing your hospital bag should not be forgotten. It’s not something you want to do before you go into labour.

While there are certain essentials you should have in your bag, such as chapstick, slippers and a comfortable breastfeeding top, there is something you might want to pack for the Baby: a cute outfit to go home.

Although your baby will most likely be wearing a hospital-issued onesie or shirt underneath her swaddle during the first few days, a new parent won’t mind seeing their Baby in something completely adorable. Parents often have the opportunity to dress their Baby in the going-home outfit. Your hand-picked outfit for coming home may be more appropriate for Baby’s comfort on the return trip.

How to choose Baby’s homecoming outfit

You’ve probably already done your baby registry. If not, you likely have a lot of baby gear to choose from. Fortunately, the coming home outfit is one of the easiest things you will need to prepare for your Baby. There are some things to remember when looking for the right outfit to bring the baby home from the hospital.

  • Simplicity. The perfect outfit for coming home should be simple and functional. The Baby may look adorable in a swaddle or sleep sack, but neither option is practical for the car ride home. Buckles should be between the legs and above the shoulders. Soft, comfortable clothes are best. They can be easily taken off and put on.
  • Consider the weather. Babies aren’t as adept at temperature regulation, so make sure you choose a seasonally-appropriate outfit. A Baby’s skin needs one more layer than what you would wear. The Baby’s feet and head should be considered, especially during the colder months. If you don’t have matching socks and hats, bring separates so Baby can stay warm when you return home.
  • Style. A Baby’s first day at the house doesn’t mean they should wear the same onesie daily. You want your Baby to stand out in all the photos you take that day, so make sure you choose a high-quality outfit.
  • A backup is essential. Your original going-home outfit may get spit up or poopy before leaving the hospital. You should have a backup you are just as happy with. It’s a great excuse for you to purchase two cute outfits.

Our picks for the most adorable baby-coming-home outfits

Our editors scoured top-rated and highly-reviewed options from trusted brands to find the best baby outfits for coming home. Our staff also received recommendations from parents about the best baby clothes brands and pieces. We considered style, functionality, and seasonality.

We also evaluated the comfort of the outfit. Is the material soft and baby-friendly? Are the legs of the car seat open so that Baby can rest comfortably? It is easy to put on and take off. We also included neutral and boy-girl options. Finally, we included both warm and cool weather options so that you can find the right outfit for your Baby no matter when they are born.

These adorable baby-coming-home outfits are perfect for little ones’ first outing into the world.

Best Organic Baby Outfits for Coming-Home

Burt’s Bees Baby Romper Jumpsuit

Why We Love It

This 100 per cent organic cotton onesie is for mamas who want to feel soft on their Baby’s skin. Snap closures allow for quick and easy transitions. A wrap-around style makes it easy to fit Baby’s head into the small openings of the jumpsuit. This affordable option is excellent, especially since organic baby clothes can be expensive.

Keep in mind that Burt’s Bees is often too long or narrow according to the measurements of your Baby.

Material 100% GOTS-certified cotton

Community Reviews

“This romper set is amazing! I ordered two more sizes. It’s very soft and stretchy. It is great for stomach time. My LO can lay on his stomach with no zipper marks. He’s a little more than 3 months old, and I measured him from 0 to 3. It fits perfectly. He doesn’t shrink when washed in a dryer or washer. However, I dry clothes at medium to low heat. I highly recommend these rompers.



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