Debunking the Myth: Sherwanis are a Bygone Trend!

Congratulations on your wedding! What do you intend on wearing, a traditional wedding suit? Well, that is a dashing look for sure! But most grooms opt for it! Why wander on the most walked path, when you have other avenues calling you? Think out of the box, and surprise everyone, even your bride!

Top-notch stores are waiting with their ethereal and enormous collections of wedding sherwani for men. Who said wedding wear fashion revolved around the bride?! Times have changed. Groom and groomsmen are equally conscious about their look on the special day — create that coordinated look (remember those Hollywood Fairy Tale Weddings?) with tailor made Sherwanis!

Are you looking for designer men’s sherwanis in London at reasonable rates?

What are the Various Sherwani Trends that are Popular in the Market?

Many feel sherwanis are no more in-fashion. The truth, however, remains that sherwanis have, and will always stay in-style. You need to know the numerous sherwani trends that have taken over the market.

The Sherwani Style Saga

The traditional sherwani has a royal feeling. After all, it is the dress of the royals of India! Now, it is true that the regal style might not be the cup of tea for all grooms, so, modern fashion designers have created sherwani styles  that are inspired by tradition, but are contemporary in look and feel. Here are some styles that have taken over the wedding market by a storm:

1.  Chipkan Styled Sherwani: These kinds of sherwanis actually exude royal elegance and work perfectly with your wedding day look. If, you are looking to add a royal spark to the wedding attire, this is the style to choose!

2. Achkan Styled Sherwani: The Achkan style is one of the most popular styles that grooms of modern day choose for their wedding day. The classic yet fashionable design that gives it a timeless appeal, is perhaps the reason behind its popularity.

3. Indo-Western Styles Sherwani: This stylization creates the perfect balance between modern and traditional look! The stores usually have a wide variety of colours for this style, making it possible for you to find your favourite colour, or the one to match your wedding theme!

4. Jodhpuri Styled Sherwani: It is a popular option among youngsters to put on this royal sherwani. It is a versatile style, however, which looks good on men of all ages. These sherwanis are completely styled with inspiration from the royal era.

5. Angrakha Styled Sherwani: Men with chiselled physique should opt for this style. It is the best option for flaunting your chipped body! These sherwanis have been designed from the angrakha style, which was common in the Mughal era.

Who knew that sherwanis had so many styles under its name? Once you have zeroed in on the style, move on to the colour. The options are varied in that sector as well, from purple and gold, to peach and champagne – you have the entire colour palate to play with.

Do you still feel that sherwanis are losing their popularity? Well, consider this — Sherwanis have been raging the fashion world, adorning celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg, Brett Lee, Ashton Kutcher, Vin Diesel, and many more. The trend to buy Sherwanis are on the rise, and many grooms would rather opt for sherwanis than the traditional black suit for the simple fact that they are spoilt with choices in colour, design and pattern (and who doesn’t like to look regal on their wedding day)!

How do you Ensure Top-Notch Quality for your Sherwanis?

Deciding on wearing a sherwani to your wedding, might be one of your boldest fashion moves, so far. Next, you need to find a store that will style you in your sherwani! This is the tough part. Most often, in a hurry, people opt for the first available store. Do not do that! Look for stores that have good testimonials and references. A reputed store will not only provide top grade sherwanis, but, will also help you find your style.

They have expert designers, who know what style would look good for your physique. On top of that, they will make sure that your sherwani is fitted perfectly for your body shape. Worry no more, put on your sherwani, and look dapper on your wedding day!

Daybed 101: All You Need to Know About Daybeds!

Would you not like some leisure time, all for yourself? Or, are you thinking about taking a power nap? Whatever the reason, do you need to haul yourself up to the bedroom?! No, not at all! That is, if you have a daybed! It is a great alternative to the king or queen-sized bed, that can fit right in your living room without compromising on your home decor.

If, you get a daybed, do not forget about covers Daybed covers  are crucial to maintenance of daybeds. Before, you do get to maintenance, you will need to know the ABCs of a daybed. This will help you finalize your decision about owning a daybed.

  •  What Is A Daybed?

Daybed is essentially a twin bed with three sides. This lends the bed a cosy feeling of a deep-seated couch. Just imagine, you get the comfort of a bed, in the form of a couch! You could add some cushions at the back end of the daybed or team it up with bean bags on either side. This would definitely make it as comfy as a sofa (if not more)! The cushions can then double as your partner for the power nap!

  • Why Consider Purchasing A Daybed & Not A Sofa/Couch?

Do you live in a 1BHK apartment? Then, you must know the hassles of finding furniture to fulfil your basic needs. Even if, you do not live in a small apartment, it is always necessary to use a space to its maximum capacity. A daybed offers you that opportunity. It doubles as a bed and couch!  You need to understand the perks that you gain with a daybed:

 1.  The daybeds allow you to utilize all the space in your home to the maximum. Whether it is a sleepover party for your kids or yourself, daybeds can be a saviour. After all, who would like to sleep in a sleeping bag? Add daybeds to your home, and host sleepovers, whenever you like!

2.  Who does not like a little bit of comfort? True, that an inflatable mattress is useful and portable, but, it cannot replace the comfort of a proper cushion. Are your parents (or any family member or friend) coming over to stay for the weekend? No need to lose sleep over sleeping arrangements! The daybed is perfect to get your solid 8 hours of sleep.

  •  Is Maintenance Crucial for Daybeds?

Yes, maintenance is definitely crucial for daybeds, just like any other piece of furniture. Daybeds are just like your normal bed, with the usual maintenance pattern.

Feeling sceptical about getting your daybed? No need to! Maintenance of daybeds is easy; just get some covers for the daybed. A cover for your daybed has a dual purpose:

1.  When you use a daybed cover, you are keeping the daybed mattress clean.

2.  The covers are available in a variety of colours and patterns, so you can choose and uplift the aesthetics of the room with a new one each month, or even week.

Wait! The benefits of purchasing covers for your daybed do not stop here. The other perks of a daybed include:

 1.  Imagine, you are enjoying a burger on your daybed, and by chance, ketchup or mustard falls on the daybed. The stain is likely to stay forever, ruining the beauty of your daybed. The covers (washable and removable) can come to your aid, and protect the daybed mattress from stains of all sorts.

2.  Just like any other mattress or sofa cushion, daybeds can become a breeding ground for germs and accumulate dust, if left exposed. A cover acts as a hindrance to all the nastiness!

With so many perks of a daybed cover, why would you leave your daybed exposed to the harshness of nature? Give it protection with top-notch covers. Find reputed stores, with a wide collection of covers for your daybed, so that you can enjoy your sleep like a baby!

Your Ultimate Guide to a Stylish Stag Weekend

Finally, the time has arrived for which you were eagerly waiting. It’s your best buddy’s stag weekend! If you are not willing to take the regular route and are looking for something more classy or stylish, then leave your worries aside.

All you have to do is to read on and follow up with the points, as I can assure you, that this article will help you gain valuable insights about organising a stylish weekend for your best buddy.

Dress Up – Afterall it is your best mate’s last night of freedom! I am pretty sure you don’t want anything regular happening near you. So one fantastic way to push in a fun element would be to have your mates dressed up in all sorts of attires. They can either be a whacky slob or a furious ninja. If you wish, you can even keep an all classy-all stylish stag lunch during the day. When the night comes, you can leave that chic genre aside and get into your most outrageous outfits. Dress codes are not just for a hen party. You can try out various themes of your own and have loads of fun.

The Hotel – Your hotel is one of those places which will give you the comfort of a night of sleep after a nasty hangover! Many best men who are organising the stag party think that the ultimate stag do has to be a rough one. But is that really required? If you have a decent budget, then it makes sense to go for a three or four-star hotel. Such hotels are loaded with amenities that will help you out. Well of course living in a B&B has its own fun, but if you want everything to go smoothly then choosing a stylish hotel would be a wise thing to do. Moreover, many classy hotels now welcome stag parties for increasing their bar sales and they might even provide you great deals for the same.

Travel Right – Travelling in style is something we all wish for. So what better than a stag party to fulfil that wish. A classy or stylish stag party would not be complete without having that bespoke limo ride. If your budget allows you can hire services that will provide you with a luxurious ride. Be it an airport transfer in a limo or a city ride; I can assure you that this will be the highlight of your entire weekend. If you are going to a destination for the stag weekend, then you have to tell the town that you have arrived and the limo ride will be a perfect way to do that!

Destination – When it comes to the best UK destinations for a stag party then you have a number of options. The following cities can provide you with a stylish weekend and will help you enjoy the most. They are Reading, Chester, Leeds, New Castle, Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham and of course London. Most of these cities provide fantastic stag weekend activities that will bring the best experience to you. If you and the stags are thirsty for adventure, have an endless desire for stunning entertainment, dining choices and excellent nightlife venues, then a stag do at one of these cities is a must.

Well, when it comes to having a bash at a stag weekend, then you obviously want everything to be of the best quality. Organising a stylish stag do is not a difficult task; however, you can always use some help. If you are looking for a stylish and classy stag weekend, then you can hire one of the best agencies in the UK, who will surely help you out. They will be doing all the work and the planning, in order to make your party the most exciting party ever. What’s best is that you get to take all the credit!


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5 types of earrings every diva should own

If there is one accessory that can completely change your look and add that oomph to your attire, then it is none other than earrings. Whatever may be the occasion, whatever may be the kind of clothes that you are going or whichever place you are heading to, just wear a pair of earrings with your garment and you are good to go. Rushing to college? Wear simple studs. Official presentation? Add those pearl drop earrings to your look. Going out for a date tonight?

Find those fancy, one-in-a-million earrings and steal the show! Earrings are a complete package of grace, beauty, comfort and style which can complement any dress that you choose. An earrings collection is not made overnight. It takes years of hard work, impeccable selection and a constant touch with the latest fashion.

Thank God for the Australian jewellery brands from where we can easily buy earrings online in Australia, without having to go elsewhere.

You may have a whole lot of boxes filled with earrings of different sizes and shapes,but for a beginner in this field, there are a few basic ones which have to be present in the collection mandatorily. Let us check out five such type of earrings that each woman must possess.

Diamond earrings- I know the beginning of the list is definitely expensive,but no one can resist diamonds. They say diamonds are a woman’s best friend, so why not have earrings studded with shiny diamonds. You can have studs, drops, danglers or even solitaire type earrings with diamonds in them according to your choice and likes and of course, budget. Diamonds will always steal the show, no matter what.

Pearl earrings- there are a very few jewellery items as elegant as pearl earrings. Nothing can beat the timelessness and charm of pearls. Having pearl earrings in your collection will bring the same charm in it. You may again choose to have pearl studs or drops or any other style of your choice. Pearl earrings can complement any look. You can wear them with a cool pair of jeans and tee, or a formal office wear or maybe with your gorgeous wine red gown that is only meant for parties. Pearls will never disappoint your fashion game, we bet.

Silver earrings- silver was, is and will always be amongst the favourite choices for any sort of accessory. Silver necklaces, silver rings or silver earrings, whatever it may be, you are going to get a fantastic match by choosing any of them with your lovely dress. Silver earrings, in any form, are meant to steal the limelight and give an added charm to your attire. Silver studs and drops can complement any casual outfit and make it look trendy and similarly, those big, designer silver earrings will leave everyone drooling over you when you will pair them with a matching gown.

Gold earrings- well, whatever you may say, gold jewellery still aces the fashion market. Rose gold, yellow gold or white gold, whichever suits you the best, you can choose your earrings or any other ornament to be of that material. Since decades, gold earrings have been the first choice for women and have become a part of daily wear. A simple, elegant gold earring can be worn with almost everything and anything and for any occasion and at any place. Such is the versatility of gold jewellery!

Junk jewellery- as the name suggests, these pair of earrings are not crafted out of expensive metals or stones and are extremely cheap.but that doesn’t mean they are any less fashionable. In Fact, it is the junk jewellery that you can buy everytime you step out in the market, and get multitude designs. This is the kind that will make your everyday wear collection.