3 Primary Attire Suggestions for Corporate Events and Corporate Away Days

Attire is a crucial consideration for a corporate event as well as corporate away days. What will be suitable for the day is something that everyone wonders.

Are you planning to go on a corporate trip or event soon? Are you one of those who is always confused about his/her attire?

The professional setting expects you to wear formal attire and also groom yourself to look tidy & presentable.

Read on to know more about different dress codes for corporate events and away days:

Three primary formal attires are as follows:

1. Business casual

The most puzzling thought is what can be termed as business casual; trousers, skirts, shirts and what not? For men, dark-colored trousers and a collared shirt is considered business casual, i.e. no t-shirts, chinos or Chinese-collared shirts. While women have many options, like knee-length shirts, dark-colored trousers, dresses in a blouse and collared shirts. There is a thin line between casual, business casual and business attire, so wear what is suitable for the event.

2. Business attire

A black suit for men and a knee-length skirt or a dress with a blouse for women is considered business attire. Black or dark brown shoes for men and closed toe shoes for women are the preferred footwear.

3. Black tie

Certain events expect men to wear a suit along with a black tie and women to wear knee-length dresses with formal footwear. It is usually mentioned in the invitation if the event dress code is black tie or not.

Attire suggestions as per the occasion:

Note: Always check the invitation to know what is expected from you, i.e. business casual, business attire and black tie.

    • Corporate away days include team building activities and sometimes, an evening party to celebrate and lighten up the competitive mood. So, you have multiple attire options for such events, i.e. during the day, you can wear business casual or simply a casual attire (t-shirt & jeans for men and top & shirt for women) to be comfortable while competing in different activities & games. Moreover, for the evening party, you can either go for subtle business casual or business attire, if the invitation does not mention “black tie”.
    • Corporate events are of various types, such as:
      1. Conferences
      2. Seminars
      3. Product launch events
      4. Board meetings
      5. Dinner parties
      6. Team building events

And many more.

The dress code varies as per the type of event, so always check the invitation first (already mentioned above). The second step is to discuss with your colleagues to avoid any confusion. The following can help you make better decisions:

      1. Prefer ‘black tie’ dress code for dinner parties
      2. Prefer ‘business casual’ dress code for seminars, conferences, and team building events
      3. Prefer ‘business attire’ dress code for product launch events and board meetings.

The idea is to look presentable and formal; maintaining the image of the organization.

Some Other Tips To Ensure Maximum Impact

The following add-ons will help you present yourself in the best possible manner:

      1. Make sure you have a decent haircut, and your beard is trimmed appropriately.
      2. Women should always keep their hair tied neatly (except for dinner parties because they can flaunt their hairstyle at such events).
      3. Keep your shoes polished, and attires ironed to look neat and tidy.
      4. Avoid casual accessories like sporty wristbands or rings; instead, prefer a decent watch.
      5. Make sure you use a strong cologne because some of the above-mentioned events might make you sweaty.

The way you look and present yourself says a lot about your organization, so always keep this in mind before getting ready for a corporate event or away day.

Look formal! Look charming! Look your best!

Your Ultimate Guide to a Stylish Stag Weekend

Finally, the time has arrived for which you were eagerly waiting. It’s your best buddy’s stag weekend! If you are not willing to take the regular route and are looking for something more classy or stylish, then leave your worries aside.

All you have to do is to read on and follow up with the points, as I can assure you, that this article will help you gain valuable insights about organising a stylish weekend for your best buddy.

Dress Up – Afterall it is your best mate’s last night of freedom! I am pretty sure you don’t want anything regular happening near you. So one fantastic way to push in a fun element would be to have your mates dressed up in all sorts of attires. They can either be a whacky slob or a furious ninja. If you wish, you can even keep an all classy-all stylish stag lunch during the day. When the night comes, you can leave that chic genre aside and get into your most outrageous outfits. Dress codes are not just for a hen party. You can try out various themes of your own and have loads of fun.

The Hotel – Your hotel is one of those places which will give you the comfort of a night of sleep after a nasty hangover! Many best men who are organising the stag party think that the ultimate stag do has to be a rough one. But is that really required? If you have a decent budget, then it makes sense to go for a three or four-star hotel. Such hotels are loaded with amenities that will help you out. Well of course living in a B&B has its own fun, but if you want everything to go smoothly then choosing a stylish hotel would be a wise thing to do. Moreover, many classy hotels now welcome stag parties for increasing their bar sales and they might even provide you great deals for the same.

Travel Right – Travelling in style is something we all wish for. So what better than a stag party to fulfil that wish. A classy or stylish stag party would not be complete without having that bespoke limo ride. If your budget allows you can hire services that will provide you with a luxurious ride. Be it an airport transfer in a limo or a city ride; I can assure you that this will be the highlight of your entire weekend. If you are going to a destination for the stag weekend, then you have to tell the town that you have arrived and the limo ride will be a perfect way to do that!

Destination – When it comes to the best UK destinations for a stag party then you have a number of options. The following cities can provide you with a stylish weekend and will help you enjoy the most. They are Reading, Chester, Leeds, New Castle, Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham and of course London. Most of these cities provide fantastic stag weekend activities that will bring the best experience to you. If you and the stags are thirsty for adventure, have an endless desire for stunning entertainment, dining choices and excellent nightlife venues, then a stag do at one of these cities is a must.

Well, when it comes to having a bash at a stag weekend, then you obviously want everything to be of the best quality. Organising a stylish stag do is not a difficult task; however, you can always use some help. If you are looking for a stylish and classy stag weekend, then you can hire one of the best agencies in the UK, who will surely help you out. They will be doing all the work and the planning, in order to make your party the most exciting party ever. What’s best is that you get to take all the credit!

These Chic Dress Codes Will Rock Your Hen!

Do you think you are over those tacky hen parties and cannot see the traditional way of hen parties anymore? Do you wish to have a hen party that is a little more classy, modest and chic?

If your answer is yes, then read on as this article will give you insight into various types of dress codes that will make your party stand out from the rest!

A hen party with a dress code makes sure that you have an element of uniformity among the members and it also initiates a celebratory feeling. It induces a mood of being part of the hen squad. Not to mention these dress codes will also enable you to click some very beautiful pictures of your squad.

Before you choose a dress code, keep in mind these few things.The first would be to announce it beforehand that there is a dress code so that everybody can plan accordingly. You must also consult the bride, to check if she has any particular ideas in mind. Also, if you are going for a glamping session or heading towards the pop clubs, make sure to choose the dress code accordingly. If you have a limited budget, then choose a theme or a code that does not cost extra.

So, here’s a list of ‘Hen-tastic’ dress codes and ideas for you to choose from.

Photo of Women Wearing Masks

The Boho Chic – The most popular hen party theme currently is the chic boho theme. If you and the girls love festivals, then this dress code will be an excellent choice. You can dress up in floaty maxi dresses or don some light floral kimonos. Do not forget to add those flower crowns and even get some temporary tattoos.

The Little Black Dress – This theme is stylish and simple at the same time. Ask all your guests to dress in little black dresses, and the bride can be in white. Do not forget those quirky sunglasses, sleek gloves and chic accessories.

attractive, beautiful, beauty

Gowns & Polka Dots – This one is specifically for the bride who loves going vintage. Get yourselves dressed in those bespoke old age polka dots and long gowns. Swing your dresses and petticoats in style. You must also not forget to accessorise your look with vintage hairdos,  pearl jewellery and those must have bold red lips!

Two Woman Taking Photo in Photobooth Holding Black and Pink Masquerade Mask

Tuxedo Rush – The tuxedo hen party is one of those innovative ideas that everyone can have fun with. It is also perfect for the occasion, and if you and your hen group doesn’t want to wear dresses, the hen brigade can dress in sleek blacks while the bride-to-be can be in whites. Do not forget those heels to complete the look.

Sleepover Vibe – This particular dress code is perfect for hen party at home, the good old sleepover party or a spa weekend. Bring in some fancy pyjamas and accessorise your look with cute masks and comfortable slippers. Include a few hen activities to bring up the fun.

Pretty Pink – If you want that perfect, pretty in pink vibe out your hen party then this option is ideal for you. Include a variety of shades of pink, while you are selecting your dresses. Optional but recommended is the addition of princess accessories such as tiaras and bracelets.

anniversary, beautiful, birthday

All White – This theme is pretty simple and also very modest to follow; however, it is the classiest of all. Ask your guests to wear their perfect whites. These whites will also signify an honour to the bride by her bridesmaids and the maid of honour. The bride can also accessorise her look with the mini veil.

So follow up these dress codes and have a blast at your hen party!