The top 7 unmissable wedding details to remember

When it comes down to our wedding day, there is little doubt of the fact that all of us want to make it as special as possible. Which is exactly why it is easy for us to forget the little important things when we are so busy focusing on bigger priorities like the guest list, cake tasting and the like. There is little doubt of the fact that in the minds of most people, all the big elements like the colour palette and the theme of the venue take up most of our thinking and time.

However, there is no need for you to stress as a quick walk through of the details will definitely set your mind at ease and reassure you of the fact that everything will turn out perfectly, just the way you want it. You can be positive of that fact whether you are hiring a wedding photographer in Margaret river provided to you by Pace Photography or from any other surrounding town for that matter.

Since planning a wedding from scratch is an exhausting and overwhelming task in every sense of the word, the tiny unmissable details are even more important than ever. So without any further ado, here is a list of the top seven wedding details to keep an eye out for:-

  • The aspect of directions: Including signage, this is one of the most vital aspects. Failure to implement this could result in your guests getting lost as well as other related hassles for you to deal with. With proper directions, every aspect of the day will run a lot more smoothly.

  • A memorable entrance: This is for the sole reason that first impressions are everything. There are no two ways about that, whatsoever. Not only will a personalised entryway make sure that your site is more welcoming, but it will also ensure that your guests feel right at home from the get-go. Hanging eucalyptus garlands around door frames or lanterns on the surrounding trees are a good way to start.

  • Catchy escort cards: Not only are they extremely easy to personalise, but there is also the fact that it is an incredibly memorable way of introducing the main aspects of your wedding in the best possible way. You can be sure of that fact. There are no dearth of ideas and one can even incorporate them into your cocktails by using suave personalised stirrers along with the names of your guests.

  • The idea of a guest book: In this regard, you can ask the guests to do a lot more than just signing. The main idea is to get creative so that the guest book has a tiny snippet of everyone’s unique ideas and creativity with regard to the wedding as a whole. Be it a marriage tip or even their idea of a date night, the potential ideas are endless.

  • Different kinds of lighting: This is where you can really let your imagination run wild in the best possible way. Not only does it create a sense of intimacy and make your guests look striking in photos, but you can be sure that doing so will also highlight all the important decor elements as well. The main tip is to keep an open mind towards trying all sorts of new ideas out across the board.

  • A personalised bar decor element: It’s pretty much a no-brainer that the bar is going to be one of the most visited spots throughout the duration of the wedding. Hence, this is exactly why it will be the perfect place to add a much-needed touch of colour. The best way to do this would be to come up with a signature cocktail menu.

  • Menu cards that stand out: If planned in the most efficient way, you can be sure that this will not only end up complementing all the different aspects of your wedding day, but it will also help in bringing them all together as well. Decide on whether you want to make them formal or informal and then take things from there.

At the end of the day, you need to understand and realise just how much all of these details add up to the final picture of your wedding being one of the best days ever. It is as simple as that. Even as there are many different kinds of photography across the board like surf photography and the like, rest assured of the fact that the aspect of wedding photography is a very different ball game altogether and needs to be approached as such.

The moment you get down to booking your dream venue, you need to have all of these aspects at the back of your mind just so that you can work towards implementing them in the best possible way. Once you do that, it’ll be plain sailing from that point onwards.


These Chic Dress Codes Will Rock Your Hen!

Do you think you are over those tacky hen parties and cannot see the traditional way of hen parties anymore? Do you wish to have a hen party that is a little more classy, modest and chic?

If your answer is yes, then read on as this article will give you insight into various types of dress codes that will make your party stand out from the rest!

A hen party with a dress code makes sure that you have an element of uniformity among the members and it also initiates a celebratory feeling. It induces a mood of being part of the hen squad. Not to mention these dress codes will also enable you to click some very beautiful pictures of your squad.

Before you choose a dress code, keep in mind these few things.The first would be to announce it beforehand that there is a dress code so that everybody can plan accordingly. You must also consult the bride, to check if she has any particular ideas in mind. Also, if you are going for a glamping session or heading towards the pop clubs, make sure to choose the dress code accordingly. If you have a limited budget, then choose a theme or a code that does not cost extra.

So, here’s a list of ‘Hen-tastic’ dress codes and ideas for you to choose from…

The Boho Chic : The most popular hen party theme currently is the chic boho theme. If you and the girls love festivals, then this dress code will be an excellent choice. You can dress up in floaty maxi dresses or don some light floral kimonos. Do not forget to add those flower crowns and even get some temporary tattoos.

The Little Black Dress : This theme is stylish and simple at the same time. Ask all your guests to dress in little black dresses, and the bride can be in white. Do not forget those quirky sunglasses, sleek gloves and chic accessories.

Gowns & Polka Dots: This one is specifically for the bride who loves going vintage. Get yourselves dressed in those bespoke old age polka dots and long gowns. Swing your dresses and petticoats in style. You must also not forget to accessorise your look with vintage hairdos,  pearl jewellery and those must have bold red lips!

Tuxedo Rush : The tuxedo hen party is one of those innovative ideas that everyone can have fun with. It is also perfect for the occasion, and if you and your hen group doesn’t want to wear dresses, the hen brigade can dress in sleek blacks while the bride-to-be can be in whites. Do not forget those heels to complete the look.

Sleepover Vibe : This particular dress code is perfect for hen party at home, the good old sleepover party or a spa weekend. Bring in some fancy pyjamas and accessorise your look with cute masks and comfortable slippers. Include a few hen activities to bring up the fun.

Pretty Pink : If you want that perfect, pretty in pink vibe out your hen party then this option is ideal for you. Include a variety of shades of pink, while you are selecting your dresses. Optional but recommended is the addition of princess accessories such as tiaras and bracelets.

All White : This theme is pretty simple and also very modest to follow; however, it is the classiest of all. Ask your guests to wear their perfect whites. These whites will also signify an honour to the bride by her bridesmaids and the maid of honour. The bride can also accessorise her look with the mini veil.

So follow up these dress codes and have a blast at your hen party!

5 Stag Party Attires To Pack To Look Charming and Handsome Throughout The Day

Planning a stag do? Be wise about it!

You don’t have to see every destination or everything at a particular destination. The idea is to enjoy the places you go to and create unforgettable memories with your mates. Always remember: it’s not about you; it’s about your best mate and his single life farewell.

Choose the right stag do destinations and attractions to make sure y’all have a blast!

Apart from keeping the itinerary, dares’ list, money and what not, you also have to keep the right clothes for the trip. Look dashing and stay ravishing! Read on to know what attires will help you look the best that you can:

  • Formal parties

What are you planning to wear to the rave party at night? Don’t think about the 2-year old pair of jeans and that rugged t-shirt. It’s your best bud’s most important party before he walks the aisle, so spend some good money to look handsome and charming. A pair of formal trousers along with a solid colour shirt will help you do the trick. Black or dark blue is usually the preferred colours! The advice will be to wear dark clothes, preferably with the right accessories, i.e. watch, glasses, rings, socks and formal black shoes. Tidy up your hair and beard to complement your look.

  • Beach and the Sun

If you stag do destination is a beach, then you are in for a treat. Beach parties are amazing! The weather also allows you to wear anything that you want. Formal attires don’t do well on beaches, so try to mix it up. You can wear a light colour shirt with a pair of shorts and some cute loafers/slippers. Wristbands, a watch, a hat and a couple of shades will add to the look. You have to make sure you look cool and charming, enjoying the sea breeze and the soothing sand to the core. Try to keep your hair all messed up to add to your cute attire! Don’t forget to wrap up some sunscreen on the exposed parts to avoid burn marks before the big day.

  • It’s all cazh!

Casual clothes are needed on every trip, right? This is not for anything in particular but the sightseeing and usual routine. Yes, you will be going sightseeing or to restaurants for breakfast and lunch. What are you planning to wear then? The formal shirt or beach shorts won’t help you then. So, it is better to pack some casual pair of jeans, t-shirts and shoes to relax and avoid thinking much about your attire when it’s not necessary. Yes, you have to pay close attention to the things you pack to avoid leaving anything out.

  • Costumes and fancy dress

If your stag itinerary includes fun activities which may require costumes and fancy dresses, then don’t forget to pack them. It will be really expensive to rent or buy from the location, and can seriously mess up your entire budget. Try to include games like a superhero-themed bar crawl or a sumo fight in an inflated suit, and be prepared for it to create hilarious memories with your lads.

  • Too cold or wet to enjoy!

Always check the weather conditions of a place before packing clothes. You may need a raincoat, an umbrella or a jacket to avoid getting defeated by the weather. If you are not prepared for it, you may fall ill or have to tamper with your itinerary and miss out on something exciting. It takes a minute to check up the climate of an area, so do that before you pack the essentials.

Read the list thoroughly and pass it on to your lads, so that each of you is prepared to look the best and most handsome individual on the stag weekend!


4 Reasons to Start Investing in Ethical Fashion

People around the world are indulging in something called ethical fashion! Also known as sustainable fashion! You can be fashionable; yet contribute towards the betterment of Mother Earth – what could be a more responsible thing to do?

Look up stores that offer fair trade products, because some also have ethical fashion products. Just browse through their collection of ethical fashion, and you be the judge! If you are not used to this terminology, or this kind of fashion statement, you shall be wowed by the fact that the latest from the fashion industry make their way to the shelves of such stores. Still need reasons to switch to ethical fashion? Read on!

Why Consider Switching to Ethical Fashion?

Many people may find ethical fashion stylish, but do not feel the urge to run for it! They may feel loyalty for the brands they have worn for years, or just feel apprehensive about switching to something unaccustomed. So, we are here to enlighten the fashionista in you, why you need to switch! Some of the stores that offer ethical fashionable garments also have beautiful collections of home décor products and other gift items that are also made following the similar ethical-friendly principles. But, getting back to ethical fashion, here are a few reasons why you can switch:

1. Good for The Skin: Now everyone knows the perks of organic products! So, it is not new for you when we tell you that organic fibre is good for your skin as well. The clothes are comfortable and produced without using any allergenic, carcinogenic or toxic chemicals. Have you worn some clothes and itched a lot? Well, it could be  because of the chemicals. The clothes of ethical fashion have no such problem. The clothes are usually hand-woven, which leads to wider weaves. This makes the clothes breathable, which makes you stay cool during the summers and warm in winters. Oh, not to forget the fact that such fabrics reduce your chances of feeling sweaty.

2. Better Working Conditions for Makers: You not only get beautiful clothes that are comfortable, but you are making life better for the workers as well. This is because such garments offer fair wages, working conditions and certain rights for the workers at the factories. Some companies can go on to offer more information on where the garments are being manufactured. So, you get lovely clothes, and also the wonderful feeling that you are (in your own way) promoting and contributing for the betterment of working and living conditions of many people.

3. Look Unique in a Crowd: Ethical fashion has nothing to do with mass production of clothes. We are not saying that you get designer clothes that are completely unique. What we are saying is that wearing garments of ethical fashion reduces the chance of running into someone else wearing the exact same thing. Something handmade can never have an exact copy! You set a unique fashion statement for yourself. This is what everyone wants to achieve, right?

4. Environmental Perks: The fashion industry is known to add to various kinds of environmental damage. From gathering the raw materials to the actual manufacturing process, it can cause environmental and health risks. When you invest in sustainable fashion, you improve your chances of looking after the environment. The harmful chemicals and dyes are removed from the scenario. The manufacturing process is decided only after the manufacturer factors in the following:

  • Environmental impact
  • Impact on the workers
  • Potential impact on the customers

What else do you need? You get to feel smug and virtuous! You are making the world a better place by investing in ethical fashion. No toxic waste or chemicals to harm anyone or anything; and on top of that, you get to look beautiful! Do not forget the fact that you get some amazing products in the process as well. Uniqueness is the mantra of every fashionista in the world. Create your own with top of the line fashion and follow the green revolution even in the sartorial world!


Get rid of those heavy specs:opt for a laser eye surgery


Have you been called by nicknames like “foggy”, “four eyes” and “specky”! Well, these are just some of the derogatory nicknames that people with glasses have been called for ages. It isn’t your fault that you have heavy specs, but the world surely makes you feel like that. Why go through all of this? You can easily get out of this with eye surgery. You get a permanent solution, not something temporary like contact lens. You cannot wear the lens 24/7, right? Never again will you have to open the lenses and dip in contact lens solution. You shall surely enjoy the freedom!

So, why not consider eye laser surgery at George St Eye Centre or some other reputed eye centre in your city? All you need to do is ensure that the place you choose for surgery is worth your trust. Eye surgery like any other surgery is no joke! You want the best surgeons working to improve your vision.

Why is Laser Eye Surgery better than Glasses?

No one knows this better than you! Freedom from the two round /square pieces of glass hanging from behind your ears on your nose! Or, is it oval for you?  Whichever kind of glasses you have; framed, semi-framed or frameless, you have to deal with the glasses. As soon as you get the surgery completed, you are a free bird!

Cons of Being a Spectacle-d Individual

Vision issues can be quite problematic! Do you not feel like throwing away the specs forever? Well, now you can, with the laser eye surgery. Are you still feeling some emotional attachment to your specs? Okay, look at the drawbacks yourself! These will definitely make you realize that you need to get rid of your specs:

  • Sports: You can forget about pursuing sports smoothly! The risk of your glasses falling off is always looming over you. So, how can you play your favourite sport with perfection? You will never be able to do so!
  • Allergies: If you have sensitive skin, then there is a high chance of skin allergies and rashes occurring on your face.  Just imagine, you have to get to work, but parts of your face are covered with rashes! Oh, what bad luck! Get rid of the specs and chances of rashes and allergies also leaves along with it.
  • Lost Glasses, Blurred Vision: There is always a chance that you lose your glasses! If you cannot find the glasses, it will be difficult being able to see anything.

Pros of Laser Eye Surgery

Now that you have seen the problems of using glasses, you need to have a look at the benefits of laser eye surgery. So, here they are:

  • You get freedom from living with the help of aids like glasses and contact lens.
  • Your confidence will grow in leaps and bounds, when you need not wear heavy specs anymore.
  • With the elimination of aids like glasses and contact lens, sports become an easy hobby to follow.
  • You need not live in fear of the spectacles falling off, or contact lens drying up.
  • Laser eye surgery is definitely cost-effective. Even if initially the surgery seems heavier on the pockets, but if you compare it with cost of glasses and contact lens, you will see that surgery costs less in the long run.

What else do you need?! You already have freedom and cost-effectiveness on your side! So, what are you waiting for? Do not dilly-dally in taking the decision! Start researching today! Find a reputed eye centre with a boatload of skilled and certified surgeons. They will guide you, relax your nerves and help improve your quality of life. No need to worry about glasses steaming up in a sauna or falling into the water at the beach. Take your newfound confidence and live life to the fullest!


The top 5 tips to hire a hairstylist

Every now and then, one does feel the need to get a new hairstylist. Whether it’s the need for a change in place or a change in style, one does get that feeling from time to time. After all, we all do tend to get bored with the same old hairstyle from months and years on end. Whether it is a trend that is emerging or an inner need to change things up, you can be sure that people do shuffle between different types of hairstylists every now and then.

Having said that, it is important to know what exact change it is that you are looking for so that you can also choose an experienced stylist accordingly. No matter what happens, this is something that you cannot afford to forget. Even aspects like colouring your hair and the like should be approached with extreme caution before making a final decision merely on a whim. That is certainly not a smart way to go about things, whether you have an appointment with the best hairdresser in Sydney by Exquisite Bridal Hair or anywhere else.

Without any further ado, let us take a close look at the five most valuable tips to bear in mind while looking for a new hairstylist:-

  • Make sure that you ask for recommendations: When it comes down to making sure that your hair is in safe hands, rest assured that word-of-mouth recommendations are the best way to ensure that. Most of all, you will be able to see for yourself how much of a good job the stylist has done and then make up your mind accordingly.

  • The aspect of honesty: This is something a lot of us tend to forget the importance of from time to time. Not only should the stylist listen carefully to every word you say, but they should also have the expertise and humility to be able to tell you what can be done with your hair and what can’t. The option of viable alternatives should also be taken into consideration.

  • The aspects of experience and a license: Both the twin aspects are of vital importance, especially when one is dealing with colouring hair. That is for sure. Plus every person has risk factors with regard to hairfall and hair damage that need to be taken into proper consideration. Licensed stylists with enough experience will be more than capable of taking extra precautions whenever necessary.

  • A proper consultation: A lot of people out there still don’t realise the value of this aspect, even to this day. Even a 10-15 minute long consultation session will be enough for a professional stylist to gauge the desires and concerns of the client across the board.

  • Be sure to notice their appearance: Although this may seem strange to some people out there, it is a lot more important than most people think. A stylist with an avant-garde hairstyle will not be a good idea for someone who is looking to get a normal hair colour. In short, both your similarities should ideally match on a certain level.

Finally, it is up to you to keep the above factors in mind at all times while you are on the lookout for a new hairstylist who can give your hair the funky look that you have been wanting to try out for a while. Also, do not make the mistake of simply going with the flow of hiring a recommended stylist simply because most of your friends have said so.

Always remember that just because it was the best service for your friends does not necessarily mean that it will be the same case for you. We all have different wants and hair problems, so make sure that is addressed first before anything else.

Introducing my newest project: Sun + Dotter, curation and styling for design-conscious parents

I’ve been hard at work, friends! And today, with the launch of Sun + Dotter, it all pays off. When I was pregnant a year and a half ago, I was so overwhelmed by baby gear. I was determined to buy products that fit the style of my home (rather than filling it with monkeys and monsters), and I didn’t want anything but the essentials.

So I’ve started a service company to help people cut through the clutter. My first online class, “Stylish Toys & Gear,” is available for enrollment now!

There are two ways to work with Sun + Dotter: affordable online classes for anyone anywhere, or personalized styling for parents in the Bay Area.

If Sun + Dotter sounds up your alley, be sure to join the newsletter. And tell your friends! THANK YOU!

On the Bangladesh factory collapse

As you no doubt know, three weeks ago on April 24, an eight-story factory building collapsed. Early reports counted a death toll of a few hundred, and especially at first, the event felt more like a far-away bullet point in the news than something that might actually affect you or me.

But soon, we heard that the factory building was one where garments have been produced for brands that we know well, like Zara, Lee, Nike, Walmart and more. Last week the body count continued to climb, now reaching over 1,100.

I wasn’t initially going to write about this, because my goal is to cover positive news about ethical fashion, not negative. But this event is a game-changer — which I realized fully only after listening to a Terry Gross interview on NPR with Elizabeth Cline, author of Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion.

“I’m 100 percent convinced this is the turning point,” she said. “I feel like it’s too bad of a tragedy for the brands to bounce back this time.”

She pointed out that the media coverage has been linking the connection between the demand we create for cheap fashion and the tragedy that happened as a result of unsafe factory conditions. This connection wasn’t being made a year ago, she said, and the turning point will happen because brands can sense that.

If you’re at all interested in ethical fashion, definitely listen to this interview: Elizabeth describes how our relationship to our clothes has changed over the past few decades and how our consumption has changed as a result, and she describes her experience reporting undercover for her book in Bangladesh specifically. (She wasn’t surprised to hear this latest news.)

Her message for people who are wary of spending more on ethically produced garments: “Sometimes it’s about how you shop, not where you shop.” Don’t think of your clothes as disposable, think of them as pieces you’ll wear for years.

Some effects of the factory collapse: Retailers including H&M and Zara have signed onto a plan that finances fire safety and building improvements in factories they use in Bangladesh (NYTimes). As many as 300 factories in Bangladesh have closed due to demands for safety from workers (BBC). The Bangladeshi government is now allowing trade unions to form (BBC). The minimum wage in Bangladesh is increasing, though it’s still one of the lowest in the world (BBC).


  • A while back, Stella (my dog), Viv and I were invited to a backyard party slash 15-dog photoshoot for local dog accessory brand Wildebeest. We sat Viv down with Jazz (above), a dog she’d never met, and it was KISS at first sight! Wildebeest has some really lovely designs, like this bandana collar, which are all made here in SF.
  • I was honored to be featured last month as an inspiring woman on Go Mighty. So fun to be interviewed by my talented friend Helena Price. I’d been thinking about creating a Life List for a while, and this was the perfect nudge.
  • I planned a swinging bachelorette party! For this weekend. And I went to BottleRock in Napa last month for another friend’s bachelorette. Both weddings are in July… and Viv is a flower girl in one! I can’t wait to see four of my closest friends tie the knot.
  • I booked a trip to Mexico! For July, for one of said weddings. Three days in Cancun plus three days inland in San Miguel de Allende. Our connecting flights are through Dallas, where we’re dropping Viv off with my in-laws (who live three hours away in Oklahoma City) for the week! Ay caramba. Can’t wait.
  • And I’m launching a new business in two weeks! Details soon. It’s been a busy time. Busy but so, so good.

Look Classy At The Annual Meet: 5 Styling Tips For Business Professionals

Do you know how we look and what we wear affect how others perceive us? Yes, it’s true!


You can wear any clothes with friends, family and get-togethers; however, it is not the case with corporate events. The professional life demands much more from you than formal communication skills. You should dress to impress at all times, especially for corporate meets like seminars, conferences, team building events, product launch events and annual meets.

One should dress to their own style, after recognising their limitations and possibilities. Your attire should be tasteful, elegant and should underline your personality & character. This will also boost your confidence in all the other aspects of life, both personal and professional.


Read on to learn essential styling tips to ensure a memorable, classy look on all occasions:


  • Comfort should be your priority

Never prefer style to comfort because when you are not feeling right about a particular outfit, then you will not be able to pull it off. It will affect your confidence adversely. The first step is to follow the protocol of the office, i.e. what are your colleagues planning to wear. The second step is to know what is the purpose of the event, i.e. will you be meeting the CEO, will you be addressing your team or will you be addressing potential clients, etcetera. Dark clothing is preferred and considered more professional than other colours. If everyone is going to wear business casuals, then you can go for them as well. Just make sure they fit you well, and you feel confident about wearing them.


  • Keep it clean

Messy hair, untrimmed nails, unironed clothes and dirty shoes are a complete no! You have to make sure that your clothes and shoes are clean and shiny, ironed well and your hair is tied in a clean bun or blow-dried neatly. Similarly, your nails should be trimmed and polished tidely.


  • Always dress up

Naturally, you should always dress up and never down. If you are confused about what to wear, then an evening gown or a cocktail dress with high heels will be perfect for a dinner party and a formal white shirt with a dark coloured shirt with formal shoes will enhance your appearance.

  • Bling isn’t the thing

Don’t ever go for anything bling-y. It is considered extremely unprofessional and casual, so avoid it at all costs. This includes your accessories and footwear as well. Try to choose a darker colour for clothes, preferably blue, black or red. Moreover, wear solid shades and simple footwear and accessories to complement your look.


Note: Professional does not mean dull. You can spruce up your clothes with interesting jewellery and footwear; keeping in mind the importance of leaving them at a loss for words.


  • Be memorable

Your attire should help you stand out. It should leave a memorable impression on the guests. Your clothes will enhance your impact by ensuring that your guests are focussed at you when you are addressing them.

The first impression is the last impression! Heard of this before?

Your clothes are the first thing that anyone will notice when you enter a conference or an annual meet. So, you have to make sure that it is a positive, memorable impression. A little bling bracelet or a messy hair bun can affect your first impression severely; making you known as the person who doesn’t care about their appearance. Be recognised for your excellent skills, extraordinary work and unparalleled fashion sense!

Dress well! Dress professionale!