Perfume Love Spell

According to the Mirror Newsyou can use your favourite perfume to cast a love spell upon the one you love. This will help you capture the heart of the one you love, and they will hopefully return your love.

The Mirror News claims that if you take your favourite perfume, spray it upon a mirror or glass window and write your name, your lovers name and what you would like to happen, then rub it off with a cloth and keep the cloth close to your skin, then your love spell will be granted.

I don’t really believe in spells and magic, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be giving it a go. After all I believe perfume is very powerful, and alone it could get you noticed or even attract others. Perfume has been used for years to make the wearer more attractive to others, and some scents can be intoxicating. Therefore a love spell that involves perfume could stand a chance of working. Being in love with someone who doesn’t return your love can be painful. Therefore next time I have unreturned love I will give this spell a try, got to be worth a go. Now I need to find someone who I can make fall in love with me. Hummmm.

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