Making your wedding ceremony stand out from the rest is not at all easy, as you have to put your unique stamp on it. There are many ways by which you can personalize your wedding – from using personalized candles to remembering your loved ones that you’ve already lost.

Personalization makes your wedding look much more special than it can ever look or feel. And that’s why there’s no excuse on why you should not try taking advantage of such an opportunity. 

Methods By Which You Can Get Your Wedding Ceremony Personalised

1. Decorating The Getaway Car

The wedding ceremony will always end up with the bride and the groom set on their first journey with the help of the gateway car, especially when the venue space will be different from the ceremony. Therefore, you can also take cues from the same idea and use some personalized number plates on your wedding car. It will help to kick-start the celebrations in a better manner.

2. Saying Thank You

In a wedding celebration, every wedding celebrant will be provided with a program booklet guide that will help them guide throughout the whole ceremony. You’ll have to take this opportunity to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to your friends, family members, and relatives. Printing a small message on the back of the program booklet will be a nice touch regardless.

3. Making A Time Capsule

This idea involves the writing of a letter by both the bride and the groom and then keeping the letters safe inside a safe (or box) so that no one can read it. The letter should contain the feelings about how they were feeling at their wedding date. 

After one year, on your first wedding anniversary, you can open the safe (or box) and then exchange your letters. You and your partner can then read through each other’s feelings about the wedding event.

4. Writing The Vows On Your Own

It’s no doubt that the wedding vows contain some strong emotional feelings and words as well. You have to be at the right mindset to be able to feel that kind of emotional attachment to your partner so that you can write those vows. Try to add more meaningful words into your wedding vows that will make your partner feel more special.

5. Enjoy A Ring Warming Ceremony

A ring warming ceremony basically means that the ring of both the bride and the groom will be passed along the wedding guests before they’re worn so that the guests could warm those rings with their love and wishful prayers. It will help you to start this new chapter in life in a much better manner.

6. Remembering The Loved Ones That You’ve Lost

Even though weddings are a beautiful and happy ceremony to be at, it can also be pinched with sadness as well, especially when you’re missing a beloved person of yours. That person could be your father, mother or even your grandparents. You can add in a lot of ways in order to remember them, like by lighting up a candle in their honour or even keeping a guest seat vacant. You can also make arrangements for a memorial tree too.

7. Choosing The Songs That Mean Something To You

You should take the initiative to select your own songs for your wedding ceremony. You have to choose the songs that will mean something special not only to you but also your partner. Pick the favourites for both you and your partner, so that you can add another further additional personal touch to the song selection.

8. Increase The Involvement Between Your Friends And Family

Wedding is not a successful ceremony if the involvement is nil and everyone is trying to do their own thing. You have to get your friends and family members involved in this special celebration. You can ask them to bring the gifts, get involved in the readings, blessings and prayers as well. 

If any of your friends like to sing or has a good talent in dancing or playing any musical instrument, then you should encourage them to perform at the ceremony too.

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