I’m really particular about my suits, and my suit covers by extension. I was searching for a top-notch option to preserve the quality of my most treasured garments. Whether they’re in transit, in storage, or just hanging in my closet, I want to know they are protected.

At first, I was a bit skeptical about purchasing Butler Luxury’s Museum Quality Suit Cover. This product came with a distinguished endorsement for museum-level garment protection, and I didn’t understand what that really meant until I decided to order one and try it out myself

I’ve been extremely satisfied with the results.

Suit Cover Construction

Butler Luxury’s suit covers, manufactured in Brooklyn, New York, were developed in partnership with textile conservators. These products were made to the same preservation standards used by museums across the globe. The suit cover’s ultimate purpose is to keep your tuxedos, well-tailored suits, sport jackets, stylish evening wear, women’s elegant cocktail ensembles, or any expensive, beloved outfits exactly as you bought them.

The finely woven cotton fabric is created with using any chemicals, dyes, and bleaches. These are the same standards used to protect priceless historical and important garments, and now they’re being applied towards preserving the customer’s suit.

Putting Them to the Test

Since placing some of my more important garments into Butler Luxury’s suit covers, they’ve sat both in my wardrobe and hit the road on a few business trips. While in storage, the covers prevented clothing from rubbing against each other items in my closet. After pulling them out after a month, no dust or insects were present. Also, there were absolutely no wrinkles in sight, which is amazing after keeping them packed for an extended period of time.

When I packed these suit covers for short work trips or special occasions, I had no issues with hanging the covers in sun-lit areas. During my last short business trip, my garment bag maintained the original form of my freshly ironed suits and fancy shirts throughout the entire weekend, with no fading issues at all.

The Standout Factor – Quality

The quality of Butler Luxury’s suit cover was the factor I continually marvelled at – and still do. The suit cover is artfully tailored and generous in size with a 4” gusset, large enough for any garments I had in my closet.

My favorite feature? Butler Luxury used buttons instead of zippers to prevent garment snagging.

There was thought put into every part of its creation and design. The suit cover allows my clothes to breathe, preserves their original tailoring, are free of harmful chemicals, and are 100 percent woven to conservator specifications. I wouldn’t trust my suits with any other cover!

A Suit Cover Worth the Investment

Just like historical garments, my treasured suits and garments are priceless to me, and Butler Luxury’s suit cover has devoted its design to keeping them that way. Five stars for a fantastic quality and design.

Purchase your own museum quality suit cover on Butler Luxury’s website today, because every quality garment deserves a quality cover!

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