In my two-week blogging hiatus, so many good things been happening! Catching up on all my news feeds today has been eventful — in part due to so much fab fashion news and in part due to my watching the Indiana Jones trilogy over the top of my laptop. The latter is more important than you may realize… unlike most Americans, I apparently grew up in a cave somewhere and had not yet seen these movies. That’s right, never.

I’m in the middle of the second right now (the Temple), but during the first one (the Ark), Marion Ravenwood’s high-waisted red pants in the Cairo street scenes were catching my eye just as I came across these black ones from the Sartorialist…


This outfit pick of the Sartorialist’s is especially notable because it’s so simple — he typically goes for very layered, piece-y outfits, especially on women. Which just goes to show the power of the right parachute pants.

Grouped with the simplest of basics, these stand out in a crowd. Their airiness and cropped length make them my top pick for summer, so (I’m turning the tables here) — any idea where I can find a pair?


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