A great wedding day is the perfect commencement of a happy life! The magical start for a magical relationship is something that we all dream of. That’s the reason why every aspect of the wedding celebration is looked upon with utmost care to ensure perfection. We all want our wedding to be the most grand and unique. For this, we take into consideration all the factors like dresses of the couple to the car they drive in, and everything in between!

Your wedding car plays an important role in your marriage ceremony, just like every other thing does. Especially if it’s a limousine. Oh yes! It’s a dream come true moment for every couple if they have a limousine at their disposal on their big day. It creates a fabulous effect on your celebrations and gives your wedding a fairytale effect!

Ways in which limousine can bring the fairy-tale effect on your wedding celebrations:

 In Gold Coast limo hire from A.O. Limo is an awesome idea, as they provide a wonderful limousine for your weddings with superb facilities for the guests and the couple. Having a range of different limousines suitable for every budget and capacity, you can pick the exact one as per your needs and preferences. When only the idea of it can bring a pleasant rush of happiness in you (and can almost make you jump with joy!), imagine how much fun waits for you on your D day as you ride in it! Check the list as to why limos for your wedding celebration can be dreamy and classic!

Perfect pre-wedding parties —A limousine that come as a party bus can be just perfect for all your pre wedding celebrations like bachelors party, hen party, etc. This can be the perfect bus to entertain your guests (if you have a small guest list that can comfortably fit in a limo bus) and enjoy with lots of music, loads of drinks and unlimited dance.

Grand entry— A couple reaching the wedding venue in a limousine would look just fabulous to all the guests present there. It’s going to create a lot of buzz to see you arrive in limos for your special day.

Mode to reach the party destination — After your ceremony is over, you can travel with all your guests or most of the closed ones in the limousine to reach the reception venue. The guests can feel the royal treatment in it with you as they accompany you to the special place for further celebration.

Best hospitality for the guests — No doubt your guests are going to love the hospitality they would get in the limo. From lip smacking snacks to rejuvenating drinks, they are going to enjoy each moment of the journey.

Comfort and privacy — While the limos guarantee lots of space and comfort level for the guests, it also has the privacy factor intact for the just married couple. They can put on the curtains and have a private time together while the guests can be enjoying themselves on the comfortable and spacious interiors of a limousine.

Customised decorations — Decorations are a significant part of any wedding! You can pick up a great theme and get the limos decorated accordingly. Be it balloons or ribbons or whacky themed décor, it can all be arranged in a limousine and can add a fun factor to your wedding celebration.

Great for pictures — The interiors of a limousine are superb for magnificent pictures. The theme-based decor can add extra beauty to those photos. You can get hundreds of them clicked to create a whole bunch of exotic memories to cherish later. You can even stand by the limo and get yourself clicked for your instagram pre-wedding post update.

Safety guaranteed — All limousines available for hire are chauffeur driven. These drivers are experienced and reliable ones. When you are travelling with them to your destination, you can be stress free about the safety factor. There wouldn’t be any chance of drinking and driving, or amateur driving. They are also trained to navigate around the town well, and as such, would know the best possible route to drive you for reaching your venue on time.

The limousine can be a fabulous highlighting factor of your wedding. You will surely have your best day celebrated in the best way because of it. No wonder your guests would be leaving with a huge smile on their face from your wedding after a grand celebration.


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