Would you not like some leisure time, all for yourself? Or, are you thinking about taking a power nap? Whatever the reason, do you need to haul yourself up to the bedroom?! No, not at all! That is, if you have a daybed! It is a great alternative to the king or queen-sized bed, that can fit right in your living room without compromising on your home decor. If, you get a daybed, do not forget about covers.cheap Daybed covers are crucial to maintenance of daybeds. Before, you do get to maintenance, you will need to know the ABCs of a daybed. This will help you finalize your decision about owning a daybed.

What Is A Daybed?

Daybed is essentially a twin bed with three sides. This lends the bed a cosy feeling of a deep-seated couch. Just imagine, you get the comfort of a bed, in the form of a couch! You could add some cushions at the back end of the daybed or team it up with bean bags on either side. This would definitely make it as comfy as a sofa (if not more)! The cushions can then double as your partner for the power nap!

Why Consider Purchasing A Daybed & Not A Sofa/Couch?

Do you live in a 1BHK apartment? Then, you must know the hassles of finding furniture to fulfil your basic needs. Even if, you do not live in a small apartment, it is always necessary to use a space to its maximum capacity. A daybed offers you that opportunity. It doubles as a bed and couch!  You need to understand the perks that you gain with a full daybed:

  1.       The daybeds allow you to utilize all the space in your home to the maximum. Whether it is a sleepover party for your kids or yourself, daybeds can be a saviour. After all, who would like to sleep in a sleeping bag? Add size daybeds to your home, and host sleepovers, whenever you like!
  2.       Who does not like a little bit of comfort? True, that an inflatable mattress is useful and portable, but, it cannot replace the comfort of a proper cushion. Are your parents (or any family member or friend) coming over to stay for the weekend? No need to lose sleep over sleeping arrangements! The daybed is perfect to get your solid 8 hours of sleep.

Is Maintenance Crucial for Daybeds? 

Yes, maintenance is definitely crucial for daybeds, just like any other piece of furniture. Daybeds are just like your normal bed, with the usual maintenance pattern.Feeling sceptical about getting your daybed? No need to! Maintenance of daybeds is easy; just get some covers for the daybed. A cover for your daybed has a dual purpose:

  1.       When you use a daybed cover, you are keeping the daybed mattress clean.
  2.       The covers are available in a variety of colours and patterns, so you can choose and uplift the aesthetics of the room with a new one each month, or even week.

Wait! The benefits of purchasing covers for your daybed do not stop here. The other perks of a daybed include:

  1.       Imagine, you are enjoying a burger on your daybed, and by chance, ketchup or mustard falls on the daybed. The stain is likely to stay forever, ruining the beauty of your daybed. The covers (washable and removable) can come to your aid, and protect the daybed mattress from stains of all sorts.
  2.       Just like any other mattress or sofa cushion, daybeds can become a breeding ground for germs and accumulate dust, if left exposed. A cover acts as a hindrance to all the nastiness!

With so many perks of a daybed cover, why would you leave your daybed exposed to the harshness of nature? Give it protection with top-notch covers. Find reputed storages, with a wide collection of covers for your daybed, so that you can enjoy your sleep like a baby!]]>


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