You’ve felt it coming on for a while now — it’s a DIY day! A trip to your local craft store, and voila, you’re so in. Shop for any combination of:

+ Leather cord

+ Suede strips

+ Feathers (for the wing clusters, this may take a trip to an antique mall)

+ Seed beads / Metal beads / Wood beads

+ Chinese coins (also in the bead section)

+ Stretch lace

Happy headbanding!

Top three handmade feathered headbands, Windy Freda, $85-$150. Thick gold headband with dangles, styled for the Mon Petit Oiseau collection beauty shots. Black leather braided headbands with studs, Rachel Leigh via Shop Bop, $66. Red headband/belt, Nightcap Clothing via Shop Bop, $154.


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