It’s been a long time since I’ve considered carrying a backpack, but right now, there’s something just right about them. Fjällräven’s Kånken backpack was designed in and still has the same design and quality today. “At Fjällräven we strive to make products that will last you a long time and even be passed down by generations,” Maria from Fjällräven’s New York office told me. ”

We focus on functionality and classic style and you will notice that Fjällräven’s equipment does not follow fleeting trends, but stands for durability year in and year out.”

The Kånken is climate compensated, meaning that the emissions created by the bag’s production are offset by decreasing emissions elsewhere within the framework of the Kyoto Protocol.

The bag comes in both a regular ($65) and mini ($45) size and a huge variety of colors. It’s been worn by every generation of Scandanavian kids since it was introduced! A lovely history.

What do you think? Would you carry a backpack?


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