Big News: In About A Month, I Will Be Living In Austin!

Jon and I have been talking about this move for a while, but until last week, we didn’t have a specific timeframe. Now, we are putting our house on the market as we speak, and we plan to be living in South Austin by mid-April. We’re moving for the sake of Storenvy, because right now Jon’s two co-founders and the two of us are spread across three different states. We currently work together via chatrooms, video chat and the phone, but by all making this move together (we all secured places to live while we were in Austin for SXSW last week), we can’t wait to be living in the same city and working out of the same office. And we can’t wait to join to the energy and community that is Austin.

kansas-city-houseThough of course, this move is inevitably bittersweet. We are leaving SO much goodness here in Kansas City! Some of our favorite people, places and things.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be focusing on KC-related content (and trying not to cry while doing it) — so that my local friends can appreciate it more, and the rest of you can see how great it really is!


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