It is still a long way off until the summer months arrive and we’re sure to have plenty more rainy days until then. So, what do you do when bad weather keeps you and your children indoors for the afternoon? Well, how about getting together and making something crafty to chase away the boredom?
Homecrafts are a fantastic way to keep your children entertained when they are stuck inside and it will keep them occupied for hours. All you have to do is decide which fun thing you want to make! You can get plenty of inspiration from sites such as.


Desk Tidies

Whether you have an office desk at home or at work, it is likely that it gets rather cluttered from time to time. If your children are looking for a project to beat off the rainy day blues, why not ask them to make you a desk tidy? Using an old box, a mug or a plant pot, they can paint, glue and a wonderful decoration for your desk that will not only brighten it up, but also help to keep it tidy.


Are you walls looking a bit bare and drab? If so, then this is what rainy days are for! Break out the pots and paints, glitter and beads, glues and old magazines and create your very own artwork for your walls. A collage of family pictures, decorated with drawings and glitter will look amazing when hung up in the family room and it makes a wonderfully personalised gift for someone.

Music Time

Years ago, most children had at least one mix-tape that they had made themselves using songs taped from the radio or borrowed from a friend. With the increase in digital technology, these tapes are virtually non-existent today, but that doesn’t mean the music fun has to stop. Why not create your very own digital mix-tape with your children? Make each one using a theme; such as Rainy Day or Sunday Drive, and you can each pick songs that you feel fit the mood. Burn the songs onto your music player or a CD and take it wherever you go.

Fancy Dress

Most of us have old clothes that we never wear and, while donating to charity is a worthy cause, there is another thing you can do with them. When the weather stops outside play, it is a great idea to have a back-up dressing up box handy. Fill it with clothes, shoes, accessories and any other bits and bobs you can find and let your children put on They can often come up with amazing ideas that we would never dream of and messing about in costumes is a great way to spend some quality time together.

Little Monsters

Children love toys so what better way to spend an afternoon than by letting them make their own? Using household items you don’t need any more, such as cereal boxes, juice cartons and egg boxes, your children can create weird and wonderful creatures to play with. A trip to your local craft store will give you a few extra bits such as googly eyes and felt if you need it and so, with a touch of paint and some PVA glue, your children can get creative for hours. Debbie Fletcher is an enthusiastic, experienced writer who has written for a range of difference magazines and news publications.


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