As a society, we are increasingly reliant on the technology at our fingertips in everything we do. We now have smarter homes, smarter cars, and increasingly smarter businesses. Considering the natural progress of technology, it really is no surprise that the very things we wear are now becoming integrated with technology, too? New innovations are being designed each and every day. 

Do you like the idea of your fashion being tech-savvy? If you do, you’ll love these five brilliant ways to merge technology with fashion:

  • Switch Your Timepiece

One of the easiest ways to mix fashion and technology is to wear a wrist device, instead of a traditional watch. There are a wide variety of brands offering different fitness devices, or smartwatches. You can even blend the device in with your favorite outfits by using different Apple iwatch bands depending on the look you want. 

  • Chargers Everywhere

Studies show that we need to avoid charging our device batteries up to 100% at home in order to prolong their lifespan. But what about when we are out and about? Well, we don’t know how much you should be charging your devices out of the house, but we do know how. 

Mobile charging units have now gone beyond standalone devices and are increasingly turning up in backpacks, coats and even T-shirts. External batteries can be quite clunky so why not use integrated charging units in clothes and accessories instead? 

  • Digital Clothes

A few fashion giants have suggested they will be offering clothes that are only actually real in the digital world. These clothes will be of an exclusive nature and have currently only been offered for free as part of marketing campaigns. 

Most recently customers have been able to try on digital trainers, see special outfits designed for celebrities or characters and see digital versions of popular real-life collections. In the future, with VR becoming so huge, you should expect to see branded digital clothing for sale. 

  • Renewable Technology

The fashion industry has a huge impact on the environment in lots of ways. It releases an unthinkable amount of non-biodegradable microfibres into oceans, it is responsible for 20% of wastewater worldwide, and 10% of global carbon emissions. Technology and fashion are uniting in the most wholesome way with various innovations helping brands to become more environmentally friendly. A great example of this special materials like pineapple leaves being turned into strong material for use in shoes and bags. This avoids the use of highly polluting leather and suede. 

Businesses will boost their latest efforts to be more planet-friendly so it is worth supporting those companies if you can. 

  • Color-Changing Clothes

There is clothing that changes color depending on factors like heat or lighting, so it previously remained relatively out of the control of the wearer. Now, prototypes have been made using polymer and copper wire to enable wearers to have more control over the color of the tech-integrated clothing. The technology is still in its infancy but is very exciting nonetheless. 

Technology and fashion are coming together in some exciting and transformative ways. We can expect to see some incredible new products over the next few years, as well as amazing innovations being developed for future use. There is a lot to be excited about if you love the very latest in technology and its various applications in day to day life. 


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