Have you been called by nicknames like “foggy”, “four eyes” and “specky”! Well, these are just some of the derogatory nicknames that people with glasses have been called for ages. It isn’t your fault that you have heavy specs, but the world surely makes you feel like that. Why go through all of this? You can easily get out of this with eye surgery. You get a permanent solution, not something temporary like contact lens. You cannot wear the lens 24/7, right? Never again will you have to open the lenses and dip in contact lens solution. You shall surely enjoy the freedom! So, why not consider eye laser surgery at George St Eye Centre or some other reputed eye centre in your city? All you need to do is ensure that the place you choose for surgery is worth your trust. Eye surgery like any other surgery is no joke! You want the best surgeons working to improve your vision. Why is Laser Eye Surgery better than Glasses? No one knows this better than you! Freedom from the two round /square pieces of glass hanging from behind your ears on your nose! Or, is it oval for you?  Whichever kind of glasses you have; framed, semi-framed or frameless, you have to deal with the glasses. As soon as you get the surgery completed, you are a free bird! Cons of Being a Spectacle-d Individual Vision issues can be quite problematic! Do you not feel like throwing away the specs forever? Well, now you can, with the laser eye surgery. Are you still feeling some emotional attachment to your specs? Okay, look at the drawbacks yourself! These will definitely make you realize that you need to get rid of your specs:

  • Sports: You can forget about pursuing sports smoothly! The risk of your glasses falling off is always looming over you. So, how can you play your favourite sport with perfection? You will never be able to do so!
  • Allergies: If you have sensitive skin, then there is a high chance of skin allergies and rashes occurring on your face.  Just imagine, you have to get to work, but parts of your face are covered with rashes! Oh, what bad luck! Get rid of the specs and chances of rashes and allergies also leaves along with it.
  • Lost Glasses, Blurred Vision: There is always a chance that you lose your glasses! If you cannot find the glasses, it will be difficult being able to see anything.
Pros of Laser Eye Surgery Now that you have seen the problems of using glasses, you need to have a look at the benefits of laser eye surgery. So, here they are:
  • You get freedom from living with the help of aids like glasses and contact lens.
  • Your confidence will grow in leaps and bounds, when you need not wear heavy specs anymore.
  • With the elimination of aids like glasses and contact lens, sports become an easy hobby to follow.
  • You need not live in fear of the spectacles falling off, or contact lens drying up.
  • Laser eye surgery is definitely cost-effective. Even if initially the surgery seems heavier on the pockets, but if you compare it with cost of glasses and contact lens, you will see that surgery costs less in the long run.
What else do you need?! You already have freedom and cost-effectiveness on your side! So, what are you waiting for? Do not dilly-dally in taking the decision! Start researching today! Find a reputed eye centre with a boatload of skilled and certified surgeons. They will guide you, relax your nerves and help improve your quality of life. No need to worry about glasses steaming up in a sauna or falling into the water at the beach. Take your newfound confidence and live life to the fullest!  ]]>


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