Priced from low to high, may I present . . . MY gift list! Because the best gifts are those we want ourselves, oui? No jewel cases or cross-country transportation required. (On the receiving end, I plan to immediately purchase Cat Power: The Greatest, Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Fever to Tell, Blonde Redhead: Misery is a Butterfly and Beruit: The Flying Club Cup.)

Holiday Gift Ideas

Not For Sale

Give some, get some! For a $50 donation, NFS will thank you with a signed copy of David Batstone’s Not For Sale book. For $75, the signed book and a gray NFS T-shirt. For $100, the signed book and a NFS soccer ball, and for $250, all of the above plus the NFS tee designed by Edun. (Bono is everywhere!)

American Apparel Mustard Flared Skirt

Multi-seasonal AND multi-carry-all.

American Apparel Cobalt Shiny Nylon Tricot Legging

Takes said multi-seasonal skirt from summer to winter.

Jonathan Adler Bird Bowl

My favorite designer’s “happy chic” homewares are handmade with love in Peru.

Leanimal Nadene dress

The fact that there’s just ONE lone article of each design on Leanimal’s Etsy store makes them that much more covetable.


Take your pick! Each vegan-made Matt&Nat bag is printed with and emits the ideals of the brand’s Positivity Message:“choose life, choose positivity, choose the golden rule, choose to be at peace with yourself, choose salvation, scegliete di vare una differenza, choose to make a difference, choisissez de faire une difference, choose to be different, choose to be a rebel, choose to be funky, choose to be yourself, choose to create a fashion statement”

Sling&Stones at Self Edge

“For those that take everything into consideration, we present to you Sling & Stones.” The brand’s certified organic Supima denim is loomed in a small production denim mill in Okayama, Japan, and its pocket bags and binding fabric use certified fair trade, organic, hand picked Tanguis cotton from Peru. And if that weren’t luxury enough, S&S’s rivets, buttons and embroidery thread are all plated with 24 kt gold! Read more about the company and its affiliates at the sweetly-named Good Society.

Nau sweater

If you haven’t already, check out the Nau website. This is a company that DOES want you to know everything about where their stuff comes from, down to where each garment’s fabric came from and production happened. In their stores, product info tags spill all.

Emily Katz dress/jacket at Beklina

If anyone wants to splurge on me… thank you, Emily Katz, for providing an outlet. Always girly, beautiful and effortlessly feel-good.Happy giving!


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