When it comes to clothes, from seasonal ones to regular ones, you will find that you need to take good care of the same to make the clothes last longer. Whether it is your business suit or your cargo shorts, you would find that you need to maintain and take good care of your clothes to make them last longer. Have you often wondered as to how come your grandmother’s clothes look as good as new each and every time you visit her? Have you ever wondered what your grandmother did to make her clothes last her for so long? Well, for starters, she took better care of her clothes and used a few tips and tricks to make them last longer – read on to learn how.

Mothballs: this is a common enough tip; you can use mothballs to remove all the cloth moths and other parasites from your clothes and prevent them from being damaged. But do remember that moth balls in the open can be toxic to humans, so you need to make sure that you store your clothes in an airtight bag, or suitcase, or cover, and seal in the same with a few mothballs. That should take care of the parasites.

Do not wash your clothes often: Sounds corny, right? But no one is asking you to wear dirty clothes all the time. Of course, if your clothes get dirty, you would have to wash the same, but just that wash your clothes only when needed. If you wash your clothes in detergent almost daily, that may result in the color of the cloth itself fading, and it may even cause the underlying material to become fragile as well, silk for example.

Do not use too much detergent: Again, if you are going to use detergent, then you may want to opt for an organic based one. But that being said, it is always a good idea never to use too much detergent as it can stain your cloth and can even cause it to become damaged as well. So whether you are manually washing your clothes or using a washing machine, do use the right amount of detergent, to clean your clothes.

Do not dry wash often: Most users tend to think of a dry wash, as a non-intensive process and one that does not damage the cloth. Nothing could be further from the truth – dry washing your fabric often can damage the very cloth and can even stain it as well. It is better to opt for a dry wash when required.

Storage: Its summer already and you may want to clean and store your winter coats carefully, quilts safely. Just make sure that when you store your winter garments, to store them with a few cedar blocks as they can keep the moths and other parasites away. You can always store them with mothballs as well.

Pre-soak: While you may be pressed for time, you always need to pre-soak your clothes before washing the same. This is to ensure that the water along with the detergent and conditioner is able to soak through the clothes better, and in the process, they can get cleaned more thoroughly. Since it is not advisable to use a lot of detergents, just use the necessary amount, and pre-soak the fabrics to ensure that the fabric is cleaned thoroughly.

Do not hang your cotton: Do remember that it is never a good idea to hang cotton fabrics as they happen to be made from porous, plant materials and can easily be bent/ reshaped. Instead, you may want to fold your cotton clothes after drying and ironing them. Just use a few dryer sheets as you fold them and arrange them neatly on the shelf.

These tips should enable you to take better care of your clothes in the long run.


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