How bad does a septum piercing hurt

The popularity of Septum piercings is still a big deal. According to Jewellerybox, they are the most popular type of piercing. It’sIt’s no surprise that celebrities of all stripes have been embracing septum piercings in recent years. They are ranked at 162,000 on average monthly searches and more than 1 million hashtags on Instagram.

Since Jessica Biel’sBiel’s 2013 debut with a chic and clean septum ring (many call it a bull nose or bull nose piercing), and then FKA Twigs and Rihanna, septum rings have been a huge trend. It’sIt’s been around for seven years. Everybody, from Zendaya to Zoe Kravitz, has worn a septum ring. And that number will only increase as the month progress. Keep that in mind, and read on for our quick overview of everything septum, including the cost, whereabouts, and aftercare.

What is a septum puncturing?

A septum piercing involves a piercing through the nasal septum (or that little bit between your nostrils). The needle is inserted through the flesh at the top of the nose. Next, the jewellery is placed – usually a ring or a horseshoe, but sometimes a bar. You might have heard the term bull nose piercing. This is when a piece of jewellery in a hoop shape is used.

Do septum piercings hurt? How severe do septum piercings hurt

Many piercings can cause discomfort. A needle is pushed through the skin and then replaced by a thick piece of metal. Everyone has a different pain tolerance, so it is worth keeping yours in mind. A septum shouldn’tshouldn’t hurt more than a regular nose piercing and shouldn’tshouldn’t penetrate cartilage. There will be discomforts, such as a sharp pinch or the need to sneeze. Your eyes may also water.

What are the steps involved in septum piercings?

Although septum piercings look the same as other piercings, there are variations in how they are done. Your piercer will usually clean the area to be pierced and then use a small clamp for the septum to keep it in place. The piercer will insert the cannula, a hollow needle attached to a tube, through your nostrils before inserting the jewellery into the new hole. The piercing process is completed when the jewellery has been secured (usually a bar with a horseshoe shape).

How much do septum piercings cost?

It’sIt’s worth noting at this point that piercings should be expensive. It’sIt’s better to spend a bit more to see a certified piercer rather than save money. Septum piercings typically cost around PS15-40, so find the best piercing salon near you and check their prices. You can expect to pay around PS30 on average.

Are septum piercings possible through cartilage?

No. No.

What is the best way to care for my septum piercings?

The most painful and tender part of healing should be completed in 1-3 weeks. Septum piercings take 6-8 months to heal completely. You can also change your jewellery within 6-8 weeks if it is well-healed. It is best to leave the jewellery in place for as long as possible.

How long does it take for septum piercings to heal?

Like all piercings, you should leave them alone and wash your piercing daily with salt water. You can also find good saline sprays that work well with nose piercings, regardless of their placement. Becca’sBecca’s top tip is to soak your tip in lightly salt water”. She says it feels strange but works.

Although a small amount of white fluid is normal, if there is yellow pus or other signs, it could indicate that your piercing has been infected. Your piercer will give you the right information, and you can return to them if you have concerns.

My septum has a piercing smell.

You’reYou’re going to make me feel gross. This is quite common and has been called septum funk. You might have a problem if the smell is accompanied by pain, yellow pus, blood, or both. If you don’t, the smell could signify that your body is trying to heal itself. However, it is possible to reduce the smell by keeping the piercings clean and changing to glass or wood jewellery when necessary.

Are septum piercings fully closed?

This is true for all piercings. It depends on how long it has been in place. The hole might not heal if it has been in place for over three months. It will shrink, but it is unlikely that anyone will ever be able to see it.

How do I change my septum piercing?

You might consider changing your septum jewellery after waiting around 6-8 weeks. This could change from a horseshoe-style piece of jewellery to a hoop, which many associate with bull nose piercing. It is possible to talk to your piercer about it. However, you can also do it at home.

You can remove any balls that are holding your original piercing in place. You might find it a bit tight, so you can return it to your piercer and have them fix it. You can find different types of jewellery so you might want to ask for advice. However, you must put your new jewellery in as soon as possible. After cleaning your hands, disinfect the jewellery and the area, align the bar with the hole and push it through. Pulling your nose down slightly may be necessary to locate the hole. You can use the same principles for other types of rings and bars.


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