First, I saw them on The Sartorialist.


I sent the link to Heather, who’s helping me design Fashion Loves People — note the heart pin in my header, above. (Albeit much more rudimentary, we’re playing with the idea of making this my “thing.” Like pink ribbons.)

I initially thought these guys were some of the Sartorialist’s random street finds, and I wasn’t sure what the hearts were made of. Turns out, they’re definitely LEGOS, as designed by these very dudes. These and a series of other Legos-made-accessories were created by 21-year-old twins Dee and Ricky and donned in the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 show! Read all about it at Fred Flare.

Then, I saw this!

(I do love me some Kanye…)

And this!


And then I did this!

Which means, make your own Lego heart pin for $2.06. Plus the price of a pin closure and some glue. (And shipping.) Thank you,


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