Shopping for Lingerie if You Are a Small Boob

There are many sizes and shapes of breasts. There are many shapes and sizes of breasts. Some are round, while others are asymmetrical. Lounge loves all kinds of boobs.

You can also have small boobs! Good things can come in small packages, right, Loungers?

No matter your bra size, finding the right fit can seem impossible. Even if it’s in style you really like can seem daunting.

This guide will help you shop for lingerie that fits your small breasts.

No matter what size you are, your breasts deserve the best. Learn more.


First, check your bra size. Our boobs are subject to natural changes in size and form. Girls, a bra that is too tight or has loose straps is not what you want.

Did you know that the wrong size bra can lead to backache, poor posture, neck and shoulder pain, as well as other health problems like poor posture, backache, and neck pain? We don’t believe you should compromise your comfort. That’s why we are here!


We said that no two boobs are alike, and that’s what makes them so special.

We recommend bras with a gap between the cups if your boobs are slightly higher than your chest. This is common with small boobs. This will ensure that the cups provide the correct coverage and support for your boobs.


For small breasts, a bralette or triangle is the best lingerie. Because you don’t need as much support if you have smaller breasts, it’s true!


You don’t require as much support so you can choose delicate styles with no padding like our Lace Triangle. Bralettes are flattering for small breasts as they frame your natural shape.

Tempted? All of our bralettes can be found here. We cannot guarantee that you will want each one, but we can guarantee comfort.


Our luxury styles offer style and comfort in equal measures, while Triangle collection has some of the most flattering bras for small breasts, even though we don’t think so.

We can see the differences between need vs. want.


We have some stunning underwired styles you can lounge with if you want to feel more supported by your favorite bra. We have the perfect products for you if you are an A cup and love that snug feeling!

We have the perfect lounge style for you and all your small boobs.

We want you girls to be proud and confident in your boobs!

It doesn’t matter if you have small breasts, bell-shaped breasts, or any other shape; it’s about being beautiful.


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