You can wear any clothes with friends, family and get-togethers; however, it is not the case with corporate events. The professional life demands much more from you than formal communication skills. You should dress to impress at all times, especially for corporate meets like seminars, conferences, team building events, product launch events and annual meets. One should dress to their own style, after recognising their limitations and possibilities. Your attire should be tasteful, elegant and should underline your personality & character. This will also boost your confidence in all the other aspects of life, both personal and professional.   Read on to learn essential styling tips to ensure a memorable, classy look on all occasions:

  • Comfort should be your priority

Never prefer style to comfort because when you are not feeling right about a particular outfit, then you will not be able to pull it off. It will affect your confidence adversely. The first step is to follow the protocol of the office, i.e. what are your colleagues planning to wear. The second step is to know what is the purpose of the event, i.e. will you be meeting the CEO, will you be addressing your team or will you be addressing potential clients, etcetera. Dark clothing is preferred and considered more professional than other colours. If everyone is going to wear business casuals, then you can go for them as well. Just make sure they fit you well, and you feel confident about wearing them.

  • Keep it clean

Messy hair, untrimmed nails, unironed clothes and dirty shoes are a complete no! You have to make sure that your clothes and shoes are clean and shiny, ironed well and your hair is tied in a clean bun or blow-dried neatly. Similarly, your nails should be trimmed and polished tidely.

  • Always dress up

Naturally, you should always dress up and never down. If you are confused about what to wear, then an evening gown or a cocktail dress with high heels will be perfect for a dinner party and a formal white shirt with a dark coloured shirt with formal shoes will enhance your appearance.

  • Bling isn’t the thing

Don’t ever go for anything bling-y. It is considered extremely unprofessional and casual, so avoid it at all costs. This includes your accessories and footwear as well. Try to choose a darker colour for clothes, preferably blue, black or red. Moreover, wear solid shades and simple footwear and accessories to complement your look.   Note: Professional does not mean dull. You can spruce up your clothes with interesting jewellery and footwear; keeping in mind the importance of leaving them at a loss for words.

  • Be memorable

Your attire should help you stand out. It should leave a memorable impression on the guests. Your clothes will enhance your impact by ensuring that your guests are focussed at you when you are addressing them. The first impression is the last impression! Heard of this before? Your clothes are the first thing that anyone will notice when you enter a conference or an annual meet. So, you have to make sure that it is a positive, memorable impression. A little bling bracelet or a messy hair bun can affect your first impression severely; making you known as the person who doesn’t care about their appearance. Be recognised for your excellent skills, extraordinary work and unparalleled fashion sense! Dress well! Dress professionale!]]>


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