A bride is the star of her wedding, and she must shine like one. If you are soon going to be a bride, you will have very little time to take care of yourself because wedding preparations will consume every waking moment of yours. While deciding on the decoration, wedding dress and food menu is important, looking your best on your Big Day is a luxury you can’t afford more than once in life. Looking your best also does not happen overnight. You will need to follow a holistic beauty regime for at least 4-6 months before the Big Day. So, here’s how to go about looking your best for your wedding. Get that healthy and natural glow Regular facials can help rejuvenate your skin and bring out the natural glow over time. A proper facial starts with cleansing, followed by toning and moisturizing. Cleansing opens up skin pores to remove dirt and residual make-up. Toning and moisturizing helps tighten the muscles, remove wrinkles and fine lines and lock in moisture to keep your skin healthy and supple. On the other hand, regular exfoliation is a perfect way to get rid of blackheads and dead cells. Exfoliation is done using a scrub that may leave your skin micro-abrased; therefore, it is recommended to use mild facewash to avoid irritation or rashes. Cosmetic treatments If you want to get rid of certain skin imperfections, such as fine lines, dark spots or acne, clinical sittings can work wonder for you. Clinical cosmetic treatments work like a magic wand on pigmentation, sunburns and on bad cases of acne and dark spots. Consult an aesthetician in the months leading up to your big day, so you will not need to juggle clinical sittings and wedding preparations in the last minute. Hair Nothing complements a beautiful face like a gorgeous head of hair. If you have hair problems, such as split-ends, hair fall or lack of shine, regular hair spa can get your hair looking great in a couple of months. Once you get the desired volume and shine in your hair, hire a specialist for wedding hair in Sydney to discuss various styles matching your face and dress. It pays to hire a wedding hairstylist because professionally-done hairstyles stay intact throughout the ceremony and reception. Shed the bloat Getting a toned body is everyone’s dream, and now is a desperate time to make that dream come true. Devote one hour a day to cardio and weight training to get a perfect jawline and toned arms, waist and back in a healthy way. Any workout regime takes at least 3-4 months to show noticeable results; therefore, it is important to start early on. Diet A proper diet is an essential component of a healthy workout regime. Before you start working out, let the trainer know your goals so he/she may advise a suitable diet plan to help you lose healthy kilos faster. Avoid junk food, soda, ice-cream and items that are high in sugar. Include green vegetables and fruits in your diet to get that natural glow on your face. Get adequate sleep You will not want to look lethargic on your wedding day, rather you will have to be energetic and relaxed, like you are the happiest person out there. Make it a habit to get adequate sleep every day so that the stress of wedding preparation does not show on your face. Sleeping for eight hours a day reduces the signs of eye fatigue, such as dark circles and puffy eyes. If there is anything else that you need – product, service or advice – you can look up the wedding directory of Sydney.  ]]>


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