You may have successfully furnished your home with things like a teak rocking chair or roll-top desk, but the abode lacks the fragrance to complete its luxurious feel.

Home fragrances can transport the senses to any mood or place of your choice. Although an Amber or Bergamot room spray is exquisite, it may be unaffordable for daily use. The ‘Home’ range of products may be free from GMOs, petrochemicals, artificial colours, mineral oils and phthalates, but they aren’t inexpensive. 

Almost everybody wants their home to be associated with pleasant and happy memories. Just like the smell of blueberry and strawberry when you’re having a brunch party at home can increase your guests’ hunger, the fragrance of tiger lily and jasmine can help you relax. Certain fragrances can take you down memory lane or to a time when you vacationed on a tropical island.

Research says that when scents bypass the olfactory bulb in the brain, they can immediately trigger a detailed memory or even intense emotion. When decorating the house for an event, one should know that smell is one of the most fundamental senses with the longest evolutionary history. This explains why we have at least 1,000 different types of smell receptors but only a few types of light sensors and receptors for touch.

Not all can afford luxury home scents, so one must learn of some inexpensive ways to make their home smell great.

  1. Ensure you identify the problem

Check out if the smell of dirty socks is coming from the laundry room or your kid’s bedroom. Once you get to the root of the problem, you can devise ways to find and implement a solution, like hiring a cleaning company. 

Most want their homes to smell fresh and clean for family and guests. Fragrant room sprays and candles may be a quick fix, but the key is to practice cleanliness for a more long-term solution. 

  1. Keep a no-shoes policy

There are many reasons to have a no-shoes policy in your home. If a family member is allergic to dust, you can give your visitors an advanced warning and request them to get their comfy slippers or socks. Keep a chair or stool for your guests to sit on and comfortably change their footwear.

Also, keep a shoe rack or cabinet at the entrance to avoid visitors kicking through a pile of shoes. Be prepared to make an exception for people who need to keep their shoes on for medical reasons.

  1. Use fragrances

You may have tried scenting your house with candles but soon realized that they leave a sticky mess behind, release particulate matter like soot into the air and lead to respiratory illnesses in the long run. While candles require caution for their open flame, soy wax melts are cheaper and don’t necessitate fire. 

Fragrances of certain wax melts release natural compounds that contain essential oils and are often used for relaxation and stress management. Their smell lasts longer and aids physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

Research says that mood and scent are closely linked. Flameless ways of retaining fragrance are not only affordable but also long-lasting. You can also use the benefit of mixing different wax melts to create something unique. Your guests might always associate the pleasant smell with you and your house.


No matter which organic wax melt you’re using, it is important to ensure that your house undergoes routine maintenance.


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