OK, I just topped myself, MOCIUN HAS MARKED DOWN ALL THEIR GOOD STUFF TO 50% OFF. Geez Louise, this is crazy good, from the print masters themselves.

Tie-Front Dress, Fake Weave print, on sale for $222

Jeans, Fake Batik print, on sale for $102

Bauhaus tee (available in men’s and women’s), on sale for $34

Drill skirt, Fake Weave print, on sale for $132

I’ve loved the Tie-Front Dress (top) for so long, there’s no good reason I don’t already own it. Except that, oh yeah, it costs a lot (even on sale) and it’s so simple I could make one myself. This year’s Fake Weave print (on the dress and the skirt) is the most fabulous Mociun print yet, but check out this kinda-similar dainty one I found by Denyse Schmidt. This probably needs to be my first post-Christmas DIY project. Maybe all my friends will keep coming over every week to hold me accountable to ever finishing it? Grin.


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