How Catherine O’Hara, “Schitt’s creek” became one of the most well-dressed characters on TV

Matt Brennan, Paste magazine’s TV editor, recalls the voguing ’80s glamazons from Ryan Murphy’s Pose and the charming, childlike Villanelle on BBC America’s hit Killing Eve. He also thinks of a 64-year-old woman in Schitt’s Creek, Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara).

Schitt’s Creek began its premiere in 2015. It has gained a loyal following in Canada and other countries thanks to its availability via Netflix and US channel Pop. O’Hara’s performance as the Rose family matriarch, once wealthy Rose family, has been praised by fans. Despite the controversy surrounding the show. Moira, an ex-soap opera star, walks through the blue-collar town wearing six-inch heels and sculptural black-and-white couture. She also wears a variety of outrageous wigs. She wears a black cocktail dress and dark patterned leggings to relax at a family barbecue. She prefers silk pajamas and is adorned with a brooch and vest. Her favorite season? Awards.

O’Hara stated that although she has worked with many great costume designers, she had never experienced wardrobe fittings as enjoyable as this show. When I put on these clothes, I feel instantly like Moira. It makes me feel completely different. It helps me stand out. It’s fun.

O’Hara was introduced to her character by Eugene Levy, her long-time collaborator in comedy and Dan Levy when they approached her with a pitch. O’Hara’s story is about a wealthy family that loses everything and finds themselves living as fish out of water within a small town. BuzzFeed News reported that Dan Levy had always planned the show with Catherine in their mind. “When it seemed like things were beginning to shape in terms of her involvement, we sat down and basically asked her, “What do you want? “Who do you think this person might be?”

O’Hara brought prepared food to lunch for the team. 

Dan stated, “I knew right from the start that I wanted fashion to be a heavy player in this show,” “mainly because it’s one way that we can continually remind our audience that these people come from money.”

Moira’s fashion choices signify that O’Hara refuses to accept her new reality. O’Hara stated that she is holding onto her identity and plans to be the same person she used to be, “Eugene Levy” explained. It says, “This is me. I will not change. This is temporary. This is temporary.

Dan Levy also said Moira’s “intimidating” outfits were meant to show the audience that she would not give up her life. He explained that the clothes had not changed over the four seasons of the show. “They are still savage in their fashion choices, because they refuse to accept that this is a long-term reality.”



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