When Viv was tiny, I searched online many times for developmental toys that would help her become a genius. I was so happy to find these simple wooden toys made according to the Assistant to Infancy Montessori training for ages 0 to 3. Not only are they beautiful, but the grasping beads were my daughter’s first favorite toy. Success.

These in particular are handcrafted in Buda, Texas, by Pinkhouse Handworks. The crocheted rattle is Janice Kearley’s own wonderful design. An information card is included, describing the use of each and at what age it should be offered.

Crochet Shaker (Rattle)

Offer at 2 or 3 months old. Rattles offer infants the chance to create noise on their own, teaching cause and effect.

Grasping Beads

Offer at 3 months. For mouthing, grasping and transferring from one hand to the other.

Interlocking Discs

Offer at 3 months. For mouthing, grasping and transferring from one hand to the other at different angles. It also rolls to encourage crawling.

Egg with Cup & Peg with Cup

Offer at 8 or 9 months. Show baby how one piece fits into the other to encourage their use of both hands simultaneously. The entire set is professionally tested and safe according to the new CPSIA toy safety laws. The set of five is $35, though I’d be happy to offer individual pieces for $8 each if you email me.


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