I’ve Finally Found It: A Shampoo And Conditioner To Be Loyal To.

I didn’t used to think much of where my hair products came from (especially if I could buy them where I bought my groceries and they didn’t cost more than a frozen pizza). But then I used a sample of Pureology conditioner that I got from Whole Foods, and honestly, cue hair-commercial-cliches. Silky, soft and shiny, check check check. It just gave my hair a way better texture than usual.

This was when I still lived in Kansas City, so I bought my full-size bottles at Beauty Brands. The price of $27 each for a 10.1-oz. shampoo and 8.5-oz. conditioner (the sizes shown above) was steep, but the sample already had me committed. I’ve since read on the bottle that the shampoo is concentrated, promising 80 shampoos per bottle, so I’ve gotten in the habit of using smaller squirts. And you know how sulfate-free shampoos typically lather less than drugstore shampoos? With a little massaging, this one lathers up really well. For the price point, I’ve been alternating it with a more affordable brand on days that I don’t need great hair. But the brand is amazing, for its quality of conditioning PLUS its social responsibility. From the Pureology website:

  • 25% post consumer recycled content in all shampoo and hair condition bottles, aiming to increase it to 50% in the near future
  • Organic botanicals
  • 100% vegan
  • Salon merchandising units made out of recyclable aluminum and LEED-certified alucobond
  • Concentrated formulas (for smaller bottles & lower transportation costs)
  • Decreased water, energy use and waste in manufacturing facilities

Pureology is also available in liter sizes and travel sizes, the latter being a great way to try it out for less. They call the product “great colour care,” and I do have moderately colored hair right now, but it’s a great condition regardless. It’s available at salons and other “authorized dealers” that you can find by zip code here.


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