Last November, after plenty of mulling over it, I bought the grey Loeffler Randalls on the right. Then I wore them a time or two and realized they were TOO SMALL. (Rubber doesn’t stretch-to-fit like leather does! They were just too tight around the ball of my foot.) Next, I bought the green Jeffrey Campbells on the left. (And I’m selling the grey ones on Ebay.) Here are my thoughts on them both.

For this purchase, the most important things to me were style and quality. I wanted an elegant rain boot — already a bit of an anomaly — that would last. Loeffler Randall has a wonderful reputation for both. I’d had my eye on their beautiful rain boot shapes for a while. This lace-up style was a shape I didn’t yet have in my closet, and they look so good I’d wear them on sunny days, too. They’re made of real rubber, which you can read the benefits of here.

But… I fall right between their sizes. I’m sad that their rain boots will never work for me. (Though who knows, maybe the slip-on styles are looser. You’d have to try them on in person, which I haven’t.) After deciding to sell those boots, I only casually had my eye out for a replacement pair. But I soon found these shiny, green Beatles boots at Shoe Biz, a local shoe store with an always-excellent selection.

To my knowledge, Jeffrey Campbell has never been transparent about its practices, neither in manufacturing or sourcing. It’s not a brand I’ve ever bought from before. I really wish I could have found my rain boots from a brand I know I can trust.

But — these pair a classic style with an eye-catching color. Not too traditional, not too trendy – a balance I always look for. The green plastic/rubber is translucent, so the jersey-looking lining shows through. They’re super unique. Which is why I’m confident that I’ll wear them for years to come. (But only on truly rainy days. Their shininess is just too much otherwise.) Fancy! Which pair do you like best.


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