Did you know that scents have strong connections to feelings, memories, and emotions? Many studies discovered that a specific smell can trigger the limbic system, the area of our brain that plays a key role in storing memories and controlling moods and behaviors.

Wearing the right perfume can take you back to a wonderful time in your life, as well as project pleasant sensations onto those around you. But with almost countless types of fragrances to choose from, how can you pick “the one”?

Read this essential guide and discover how to turn perfume shopping into a truly memorable experience.

Decide On a Specific Concentration

Eau de parfum, eau de toilette, cologne, and more: before you even begin your search, you need to know which perfume concentration to go for. If you’re looking for a light, subtle effect, then eau de cologne is your best bet.

For a bit of a stronger result, choose eau de toilette. Opt for eau de parfum or parfum if you are looking for a much higher intensity. 

Consider Your Skin Type

How is it that, whenever you and your best friend wear the exact same perfume, her perfume lasts way longer than yours? The answer lies in different skin types and chemical reactions.

If your priority is for a scent to stay put for hours, then you might need to keep searching. Your goal is to find a perfume that you both love and that perfectly complements your skin.

Think About Seasonality

Have you ever felt that some scents bring you back to cozy nights around the fireplace, whereas others make you want to jump in a pool on a scorching hot day? That’s part psychology, part perfume notes. To adapt your perfume to the time of the year you’re in, consider swapping them when the seasons change.

Ask the Opinion of a Trusted Loved One

Still unsure? Have you managed to whittle down your search to a few brands and types, but can’t seem to decide between Thierry Mugler Angel and Chanel Allure?

Ask your partner, friend, or a trusted loved one to give you some guidance, based on your personality, style, and mood.

Discover the Best Types of Fragrances for You

One of the most interesting reasons to wear perfume has a lot to do with the memories and emotions that a specific scent can trigger. So, next time you shop for perfume, keep this in mind and make sure you make an informed and meaningful choice.

To achieve this, you’ll want to pick the right concentration and consider skin type and chemistry. You’ll also want to think about wearing different types of fragrances during different seasons, as well as ask a partner or friend for their opinion on your choice.

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